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Electrochemical capacitance and ionic transport in the mesoporous shell of a hierarchical porous core-shell carbon structureLi, F; Morris, M; Chan, KY2011331
Impacts of different length scales on the electrochemical capacitance of a 3D hierarchical porous carbon structureLi, F; Morris, M; Chan, KY2011146
Number of older siblings of individuals diagnosed with schizophreniaMcdonald, C; O'callaghan, E; Keogh, F; Sham, PC; Kinsella, A; Morris, M; Walsh, D200155
Incorporation of a coronary sinus lead in a standard ICD lead configuration: impact on atrial defibrillation threshold in humansTse, HF; Timmermans, C; Rodriguez, LM; Wang, Q; Morris, M; Cabrales, M; Lau, CP; Wellen, H200087
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