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Optimizing plurality for human intelligence tasksMo, L; Cheng, R; Kao, B; Yang, XS; Ren, C; Lei, S; Cheung, DWL; Lo, E201348
On incentive-based taggingYang, XS; Cheng, R; Mo, L; Kao, B; Cheung, DWL201330
Cleaning uncertain data for top-k queriesMo, L; Cheng, R; Li, X; Cheung, DWL; Yang, XS201321
Learning new lexical categories induce rapid increase in gray matter of adult human brain.Kwok, VPY; Niu, Z; Kay, P; Zhou, K; Mo, L; Jin, Z; So, KF; Tan, L201228
Learning new color names produces rapid increase in gray matter in the intact adult human cortexKwok, V; Niu, Z; Kay, P; Zhou, K; Mo, L; Jin, Z; So, KF; Tan, LH2011178
Electrophysiological evidence for the left-lateralized effect of language on preattentive categorical perception of colorMo, L; Xu, G; Kay, P; Tan, LH201169
Newly trained lexical categories produce lateralized categorical perception of colorZhou, K; Mo, L; Kay, P; Kwok, VPY; Ip, TNM; Tan, LH2010203
Development of Test Materials for Assessment of Speech Reception Thresholds, and Effect of Soundfield and Language Experience on Speech Understanding [Abstract]Wong, LLN; Soli, S.D; Liu, S; Han, N; Guo, L; Lu, J; Ji, C; Han, D; Mo, L; Yan, W2004111
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