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A hybrid brain-computer interface combining the EEG and NIRSMa, L; Zhang, L; Wang, L; Xu, M; Qi, H; Wan, B; Ming, D; Hu, Y201279
A P300-speller based on event-related spectral perturbation (ERSP)Ming, D; An, X; Wan, B; Qi, H; Zhang, Z; Hu, Y201274
Brain-computer interface technique for electro-acupuncture stimulation controlMing, D; Bai, Y; Liu, X; An, X; Qi, H; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2010113
ICA-SVM combination algorithm for identification of motor imagery potentialsMing, D; Sun, C; Cheng, L; Bai, Y; Liu, X; An, X; Qi, H; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, K2010128
Time-locked and phase-locked features of P300 event-related potentials (ERPs) for brain-computer interface spellerMing, D; An, X; Xi, Y; Hu, Y; Wan, B; Qi, H; Cheng, L; Xue, Z2010168
Upper extremity kinetics during walker-assisted gait of knee joint stiffness simulationMing, D; Liu, X; Bai, Y; An, X; Qi, H; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2010139
Identification of Humans Using Infrared Gait RecognitionMing, D; Xue, Z; Meng, L; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2009224
Phase Resetting and Evoked Activity Contribute to the Genesis of P300 Signal in BCI SystemWan, BK; An, XW; Ming, D; Qi, HZ; Hu, Y2009147
Novel Gait Recognition Technique Based on SVM Fusion of PCA-Processed Contour Projection and Skeleton Model FeaturesMing, D; Bai, YR; Zhang, C; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2009185
Gait recognition based on multiple views fusion of wavelet descriptor and human skeleton modelMing, D; Zhang, C; Bai, Y; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK200969
Measurement of upper extremity joint moments in walker-assisted gaitMing, D; Liu, XY; Bai, YR; Zhang, GJ; Cheng, LL; Qi, HZ; Xue, ZJ; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Li, LY; Luk, KDK2009141
Indirect biomechanics measurement on shoulder joint moments of walker-assisted gaitMing, D; Liu, X; Dai, Y; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK200966
Study on wireless data transmission for dynamometer walker systemWangWang, Y; Zhang, R; Li, D; Ming, D; Hu, Y; Wan, B2009187
Identification of humans using infrared gait recognitionMing, D; Xue, Z; Meng, L; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK200982
Indirect Biomechanics Measurement on Shoulder Joint Moments of Walker-Assisted GaitMing, D; Liu, X; Dai, Y; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2009186
Novel gait recognition technique based on SVM fusion of PCA-processed contour projection and skeleton model featuresMing, D; Bai, Y; Zhang, C; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK200955
Multiscale entropy analysis of attention ralated EEG based on motor imaginary potentialMing, D; Zhang, M; Xi, Y; Qi, H; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK200961
Video image super-resolution restoration based on iterative back-projection algorithmWan, B; Meng, L; Ming, D; Qi, H; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK200977
A gait stability investigation into FES-assisted paraplegic walking based on the walker tipping index.Ming, D; Bai, Y; Liu, X; Qi, H; Cheng, L; Wan, B; Hu, Y; Wong, Y; Luk, KD; Leong, JC2009112
Multiscale Entropy Analysis of Attention Ralated EEG based on Motor Imaginary PotentialMing, D; Zhang, MM; Xi, YY; Qi, HZ; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2009179
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