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Essentials of chemical biology: Structure and dynamics of biological macromoleculesMiller, AD; Tanner, JA200873
In vitro aptamer selection against the SARS coronavirus helicase and their intracellular deliveryShum, KT; Miller, AD; Tanner, JA200772
New Selection and Delivery Approaches for Nucleic Acid Aptamers against Proteomic TargetsTanner, JA; Leung, CM; Wong, LY; Miller, AD; Shum, KT200786
Investigation into the interactions between diadenosine 5′,5‴-P1,P4-tetraphosphate and two proteins: Molecular chaperone GroEL and cAMP receptor proteinTanner, JA; Wright, M; Christie, EM; Preuss, MK; Miller, AD200668
Molecular dynamics simulations of LysRS: An asymmetric stateHughes, SJ; Tanner, JA; Miller, AD; Gould, IR2006108
Diadenosine polyphosphate analog controls postsynaptic excitation in CA3-CA1 synapses via a nitric oxide-dependent mechanismMelnik, S; Wright, M; Tanner, JA; Tsintsadze, T; Tsintsadze, V; Miller, AD; Lozovaya, N2006107
Effect of a non-hydrolyzable analog of diadenosine polyphosphates on NMDA-mediated currents in isolated pyramidal neurons of the rat hippocampusTsintsadze, VP; Fedorenko, AL; Tsintsadze, TSh; Wright, M; Tanner, JA; Miller, AD; Lozovaya, NA2006114
The duality of LysU, a catalyst for both Ap4A and Ap3A formationWright, M; Boonyalai, N; Tanner, JA; Hindley, AD; Miller, AD2006112
Quantitative single-step purification of dinucleoside polyphosphatesWright, M; Tanner, JA; Miller, AD200394
Functional asymmetry in the lysyl-tRNA synthetase explored by molecular dynamics, free energy calculations and experimentHughes, SJ; Tanner, JA; Hindley, AD; Miller, AD; Gould, IR2003192
The role of diadenosine polyphosphates in neurotransmission; Regulation of dendritic excitation in hippocampus by non-hydrolysable diadenosine polyphosphate analogueSergey, M; Timur, T; Wright, M; Tanner, JA; Krishtal, O; Miller, AD; Lozovaya, N200294
Isothermal titration calorimetry reveals a zinc ion as an atomic switch in the diadenosine polyphosphatesTanner, JA; Abowath, A; Miller, AD2002109
Diadenosine polyphosphate cellomics: Characterising proteins in prokaryotic stress that evolve and involve diadenosine polyphosphates.Tanner, JA; Wright, M; Miller, AD200297
Recent progress in the study of the intracellular functions of diadenosine polyphosphatesMclennan, AG; Barnes, LD; Blackburn, GM; Brenner, C; Guranowski, A; Miller, AD; Rovira, JM; Rotllán, P; Soria, B; Tanner, JA; Sillero, A2001112
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