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The genetic landscape of immune-competent and HIV lymphoma
Infectious Agents and Cancer
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Zhang, J; Grubor, V; Love, CL; Banerjee, A; Richards, KL; Miezcowski, P; Dunphy, CH; Choi, WWL; Au, WY; Srivastava, G; Lugar, PL; Rizzieri, DA; Lagoo, AS; Bernal-Mizrachi, L; Mann, KP; Flowers, CR; Naresh, KN; Evens, AM; Gordon, LI; Czader, MB; Gill, JI; Hsi, ED; Liu, Q; Fan, A; Walsh, K; Jima, DD; Luftig, M; Ni, T; Zhu, J; Chadburn, A; Levy, S; Dunson, DB; Dave, SS2011290
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