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Genome-wide copy number variation study in anorectal malformationsWong, EHM; Cui, L; Ng, CL; Tang, CSM; Liu, X; So, MT; Yip, BHK; Cheng, G; Zhang, R; Tang, WK; Yang, W; Lau, YL; Baum, L; Kwan, P; Sun, LD; Zuo, XB; Ren, YQ; Yin, XY; Miao, X; Liu, JJ; Lui, VCH; Ngan, ESW; Yuan, ZW; Zhang, SW; Xia, JL; Wang, HL; Sun, XB; Wang, RY; Chang, T; Chan, IHY; Chung, HY; Zhang, XJ; Wong, KKY; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC; Tam, PKH; Garcia-Barcelo, MM2013142
Allele-specific expression at the RET locus in blood and gut tissue of individuals carrying risk alleles for Hirschsprung diseaseMatera, I; Musso, M; Griseri, P; Rusmini, M; Duca, MD; So, MT; Mavilio, D; Miao, X; Tam, PKH; Ravazzolo, R; Ceccherini, I; Garcia-Barcelo, MM201348
Common genetic variants regulating ADD3 gene expression alter biliary atresia risk.Cheng, G; Tang, SM; Wong, HME; Cheng, WC; So, MT; Miao, X; Zhang, R; Liu, X; CUI, L; Ngan, ESW201362
An effective strategy for the synthesis of biocompatible gold nanoparticles using danshensu antioxidant: prevention of cytotoxicity via attenuation of free radical formationDu, L; Miao, X; Jiang, Y; Jia, H; Tian, Q; Shen, J; Liu, Y2013153
Genome-wide association study identifies five loci associated with susceptibility to pancreatic cancer in Chinese populationsWu, C; Miao, X; Huang, L; Che, X; Jiang, G; Yu, D; Yang, X; Cao, G; Hu, Z; Zhou, Y; Zuo, C; Wang, C; Zhang, X; Zhou, Y; Yu, X; Dai, W; Li, Z; Shen, H; Liu, L; Chen, Y; Zhang, S; Wang, X; Zhai, K; Chang, J; Liu, Y; Sun, M; Cao, W; Gao, J; Ma, Y; Zheng, X; Cheung, ST; Jia, Y; Xu, J; Tan, W; Zhao, P; Wu, T; Wang, C; Lin, D2012247
No NRG1 V266L in Chinese patients with schizophreniaGarciaBarceló, MM; Miao, X; Tang, CS; So, HC; Tang, W; Leon, TYY; So, M; Yip, B; Chen, RYL; Cheung, EFC; Chen, EYH; Li, T; Tam, P; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC2011430
The effect of laparoscopic excision vs open excision in children with choledochal cyst: A midterm follow-up studyLiuming, H; Hongwu, Z; Gang, L; Jun, J; Wenying, H; Wong, KKY; Miao, X; Qizhi, Y; Jun, Z; Shuli, L; Li, L2011132
Differential contributions of rare and common, coding and noncoding ret mutations to multifactorial hirschsprung disease liabilityEmison, ES; GarciaBarcelo, M; Grice, EA; Lantieri, F; Amiel, J; Burzynski, G; Fernandez, RM; Hao, L; Kashuk, C; West, K; Miao, X; Tam, PKH; Griseri, P; Ceccherini, I; Pelet, A; Jannot, AS; De Pontual, L; HenrionCaude, A; Lyonnet, S; Verheij, JBGM; Hofstra, RMW; Antiñolo, G; Borrego, S; McCallion, AS; Chakravarti, A2010602
Reduced RET expression in gut tissue of individuals carrying risk alleles of Hirschsprung's diseaseMiao, X; Leon, TYY; Ngan, ESW; So, MT; Yuan, ZW; Lui, VCH; Chen, Y; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH; GarciaBarceló, M2010922
Haplotype analysis reveals a possible founder effect of RET mutation R114H for Hirschsprung's disease in the Chinese populationCornes, BK; Tang, CS; Leon, TYY; Hui, KJWS; So, MT; Miao, X; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC; Tam, PKH; GarciaBarcelo, MM2010700
Lack of association between nNOS -84G>A polymorphism and risk of infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in a Chinese populationMiao, X; GarciaBarceló, MM; So, Mt; Tang, Wk; Dong, X; Wang, B; Mao, J; Ngan, ESw; Chen, Y; Lui, VCh; Wong, KKy; Liu, L; Tam, PKh2010667
MNX1 (HLXB9) mutations in Currarino patientsGarciaBarceló, MM; Lui, VCH; So, Mt; Miao, X; Leon, TYy; Yuan, Zw; Ngan, ESw; Ehsan, T; Chung, PHy; Khong, Pl; Wong, KKy; Tam, PKh2009184
Evaluation of the NK2 homeobox 1 gene (NKX2-1) as a hirschsprung's disease locusGarciabarceló, MM; Lau, DK; Ngan, ES; Leon, TY; Liu, T; So, M; Miao, X; Lui, VC; Wong, KK; Ganster, RW; Cass, DT; Croaker, GDH; Tam, PK2008153
Prediction of sagittal pelvic rotation in plain pelvis x-ray (abstract 17623)Chan, PK; Miao, X; Tang, WM; Chiu, PKY200890
Prediction of sagittabl pelvic rotation in plain pelvis x-rayChan, PK; Miao, X; Chen, H; Tang, WM; Chiu, PKY2008100
Hirschsprung disease, associated syndromes and genetics: A reviewAmiel, J; SproatEmison, E; GarciaBarcelo, M; Lantieri, F; Burzynski, G; Borrego, S; Pelet, A; Arnold, S; Miao, X; Griseri, P; Brooks, AS; Antinolo, G; De Pontual, L; ClementZiza, M; Munnich, A; Kashuk, C; West, K; Wong, KKY; Lyonnet, S; Chakravarti, A; Tam, PKH; Ceccherini, I; Hofstra, RMW; Fernandez, R2008399
Mutational analysis of SHH and GLI3 in anorectal malformationsGarciaBarceló, MM; Lui, VCH; Miao, X; So, MT; Leon, TYY; Yuan, ZW; Li, L; Liu, L; Wang, B; Sun, XB; Huang, LM; Tou, JF; Ngan, ESW; Cherny, SS; Chan, KW; Lee, KH; Wang, W; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH2008370
Involvement of visinin-like protein-1 (VSNL-1) in regulating proliferative and invasive properties of neuroblastomaXie, Y; Chan, HM; Fan, J; Chen, Y; Young, J; Li, W; Miao, X; Yuan, Z; Wang, HM; Tam, PKH; Ren, Y2007123
Application of HapMap data to the evaluation of 8 candidate genes for pediatric slow transit constipationGarciaBarcelo, M; King, SK; Miao, X; So, Mt; Holden, WT; Moore, JH; Sutcliffe, JR; Hutson, JM; Tam, PKH2007125
Implications of endocrine gland - Derived vascular endothelial growth factor/prokineticin-1 signaling in human neuroblastoma progressionNgan, ESW; Sit, FYL; Lee, K; Miao, X; Yuan, Z; Wang, W; Nicholls, JM; Wong, KKY; GarciaBarcelo, M; Lui, VCH; Tam, PKH2007138
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