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The neuropathological contribution of prenatal inflammation to schizophreniaMeyer, U; Weiner, I; McAlonan, GM; Feldon, J201172
Frontal-subcortical protein expression following prenatal exposure to maternal inflammationDeng, MY; Lam, S; Meyer, U; Feldon, J; Li, Q; Wei, R; Luk, L; Chua, SE; Sham, P; Wang, Y; McAlonan, GM2011868
Prenatal immune challenge causes frontal-subcortical proteome changes relevant to schizophrenia and autismDeng, MY; Meyer, U; Lam, S; Feldon, J; Li, Q; Wei, R; Luk, L; Chua, SE; Sham, PC; Wang, Y; McAlonan, GM2010114
Prenatal immune challenge is an environmental risk factor for brain and behavior change relevant to schizophrenia: Evidence from MRI in a mouse modelLi, Q; Cheung, C; Wei, R; Hui, ES; Feldon, J; Meyer, U; Chung, S; Chua, SE; Sham, PC; Wu, EX; McAlonan, GM2009222
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