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MicroRNA expression, survival, and response to interferon in liver cancerJi, J; Shi, J; Budhu, A; Yu, Z; Forgues, M; Roessler, S; Ambs, S; Chen, Y; Meltzer, PS; Croce, CM; Qin, LX; Man, K; Lo, CM; Lee, J; Ng, IOL; Fan, J; Tang, ZY; Sun, HC; Wang, XW2009546
Molecular and cytogenetic changes involved in the immortalization of nasopharyngeal epithelial cells by telomeraseLi, HM; Man, C; Jin, Y; Deng, W; Yip, YL; Feng, HC; Cheung, YC; Lo, KW; Meltzer, PS; Wu, ZG; Kwong, YL; Yuen, APW; Tsao, SW2006124
A nuclear factor, ASC-2, as a cancer-amplified transcriptional coactivator essential for ligand-dependent transactivation by nuclear receptors in vivoLee, SK; Anzick, SL; Choi, JE; Bubendorf, L; Guan, XY; Jung, YK; Kallioniemi, OP; Kononen, J; Trent, JM; Azorsa, D; Jhun, BH; Cheong, JH; Lee, YC; Meltzer, PS; Lee, JW1999122
Detection of chromosome 6 abnormalities in melanoma cell lines by chromosome arm painting probesGuan, XY; Zhang, H; Yang, JM; Wang, J; Taetle, R; Meltzer, PS; Trent, JM1998102
AIB1, a steroid receptor coactivator amplified in breast and ovarian cancerAnzick, SL; Kononen, J; Walker, RL; Azorsa, DO; Tanner, MM; Guan, XY; Sauter, G; Kallioniemi, OP; Trent, JM; Meltzer, PS1997159
Identification of region specific genes by chromosome microdissectionMeltzer, PS; Guan, XY; Su, YA; Gracia, E; Trent, JM199776
Localization by chromosome microdissection of a recurrent breakpoint region on chromosome 6 in human B-cell lymphomaGuan, XY; Horsman, D; Zhang, HE; Parsa, NZ; Meltzer, PS; Trent, JM1996100
Isolation of a cosmid sublibrary for a region of chromosome 12 frequently amplified in human cancers using a complex chromosome microdissection probeElkahloun, AG; Meltzer, PS; Guan, XY; Mcninch, JS; Trent, JM; De Jong, PJ1996100
Nuclear architecture and the induction of chromosomal aberrationsCremer, C; Münkel, Ch; Granzow, M; Jauch, A; Dietzel, S; Eils, R; Guan, XY; Meltzer, PS; Trent, JM; Langowski, J; Cremer, T199691
Hybrid selection of transcribed sequences from microdissected DNA: Isolation of genes within an amplified region at 20q11-q13.2 in breast cancerGuan, XY; Xu, J; Anzick, SL; Zhang, H; Trent, JM; Meltzer, PS199694
Chromosome microdissection identifies cryptic sites of DNA sequence amplification in human ovarian carcinomaGuan, XY; Cargile, CB; Anzick, SL; Thompson, FH; Meltzer, PS; Bittner, ML; Taetle, R; Mcgill, JR; Trent, JM199574
Coverage of chromosome 6 by chromosome microdissection: Generation of 14 subregion specific probesGuan, XY; Meltzer, PS; Burgess, AC; Trent, JM199569
Gene amplification elucidated by combined chromosomal microdissection and comparative genomic hybridizationLiang, BC; Meltzer, PS; Guan, XY; Trent, JM199598
Direct isolation of genes encoded within a homogeneously staining region by chromosome microdissectionSu, YA; Trent, JM; Guan, XY; Meltzer, PS199493
Identification of cryptic sites of DNA sequence amplification in human breast cancer by chromosome microdissectionGuan, XY; Meltzer, PS; Dalton, WS; Trent, JM1994100
Rapid detection, cloning and molecular cytogenetic characterisation of sequences from an MRP-encoding amplicon by chromosome microdissectionRay, ME; Guan, XY; Slovak, ML; Trent, JM; Meltzer, PS199474
Rapid generation of whole chromosome painting probes (WCPs) by chromosome microdissectionGuan, XY; Meltzer, PS; Trent, JM199479
Detection of chromosome 12q amplification in sarcomas by chromosome microdissection and interphase FISHMitchell, DS; Guan, XY; Meltzer, PS199478
Mutations of a mutS homolog in hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancerLeach, FS; Nicolaides, NC; Papadopoulos, N; Liu, B; Jen, J; Parsons, R; Peltomaki, P; Sistonen, P; Aaltonen, LA; NystromLahti, M; Guan, XY; Zhang, J; Meltzer, PS; Yu, JW; Kao, FT; Chen, DJ; Cerosaletti, KM; Fournier, REK; Todd, S1993139
Generation of band-specific painting probes from a single microdissected chromosomeGuan, XY; Trent, JM; Meltzer, PS1993109
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