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Willingness to pay for preventive travel health measures among Hong Kong Chinese residentsYeung, R; Abdullah, ASM; Mcghee, SM; Hedley, AJ200578
Passive smoking (multiple letters)Vaidya, JS; Critchley, J; Hackshaw, A; Glaser, JH; Hedley, AJ; Lam, TH; Mcghee, SM; Leung, GM; Pow, M; Milne, E; Thun, MJ; Davis, RM; Horton, R; Mckee, M; Enstrom, JE; Kabat, GC; Tonks, A; Smith, R200384
Shared care: A review of the literatureHampson, JP; Roberts, Rl; Morgan, DA; Mcghee, SM; Hedley, AJ199663
Tobacco funding for academics [2]Hedley, AJ; Betson, CL; Lam, TH; Hardie, RM; Fielding, R; Mcghee, SM; Chapman, S199655
Shared care.Mcghee, SM; Hedley, AJ199543
Incidence of and mortality from cancer in hypertensive patientsHole, DJ; Hawthorne, VM; Isles, CG; Mcghee, SM; Robertson, JWK; Gillis, CR; Wapshaw, JA; Lever, AF199377
Patient knowledge about diuretic prescriptionBevan, EG; Currie, EM; Mcghee, SM; Mcinnes, GT199371
Patients' attitudes to participation in clinical trialsBevan, EG; Chee, LC; Mcghee, SM; Mcinnes, GT199352
Patient on-line access to medical records in general practice.Jones, RB; Mcghee, SM; Mcghee, D1992114
Medical records: Practicalities and principles of patient possessionGilhooly, MLM; Mcghee, SM199159
Appropriateness of hospital referral for hypertensionJuncosa, S; Jones, RB; Mcghee, SM199088
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