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Risk variant of oligodendrocyte lineage transcription factor 2 is associated with reduced white matter integrityPrata, DP; Kanaan, RA; Barker, GJ; Shergill, S; Woolley, J; Georgieva, L; Picchioni, MM; Kravariti, E; Walshe, M; Allin, M; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Mcdonald, C; Giampietro, V; Murray, RM; Brammer, M; O'donovan, M; Mcguire, P2013138
Interaction between effects of genes coding for dopamine and glutamate transmission on striatal and parahippocampal functionPauli, A; Prata, DP; Mechelli, A; Picchioni, M; Fu, CH; Chaddock, CA; Kane, F; Kalidindi, S; Mcdonald, C; Kravariti, E; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Ehlert, N; Georgiades, A; Murray, R; Collier, DA; Mcguire, P2013149
Effect of D-amino acid oxidase activator (DAOA; G72) on brain function during verbal fluencyPrata, DP; Papagni, SA; Mechelli, A; Fu, CH; Kambeitz, J; Picchioni, M; Kane, F; Kalidindi, S; Mcdonald, C; Kravariti, E; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Murray, R; Collier, DA; Mcguire, PK2012131
The genetic and environmental influences of event-related gamma oscillations on bipolar disorderHall, MH; Spencer, KM; Schulze, K; Mcdonald, C; Kalidindi, S; Kravariti, E; Kane, F; Murray, RM; Bramon, E; Sham, P; Rijsdijk, F201179
No association of Disrupted-in-Schizophrenia-1 variation with prefrontal function in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorderPrata, DP; Mechelli, A; Picchioni, M; Fu, CHY; Kane, F; Kalidindi, S; Mcdonald, C; Kravariti, E; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Murray, R; Collier, DA; Mcguire, PK2011130
Memory functioning in familial bipolar I disorder patients and their relativesQuraishi, S; Walshe, M; Mcdonald, C; Schulze, K; Kravariti, E; Bramon, E; Morris, RG; Murray, RM; Toulopoulou, T2009118
Are auditory P300 and duration MMN heritable and putative endophenotypes of psychotic bipolar disorder? A Maudsley Bipolar Twin and Family StudyHall, MH; Schulze, K; Rijsdijk, F; Kalidindi, S; Mcdonald, C; Bramon, E; Murray, RM; Sham, P200972
Is the P300 wave an endophenotype for schizophrenia? A meta-analysis and a family studyBramon, E; Mcdonald, C; Croft, RJ; Landau, S; Filbey, F; Gruzelier, JH; Sham, PC; Frangou, S; Murray, RM200561
Regional volume deviations of brain structure in schizophrenia and psychotic bipolar disorder: Computational morphometry studyMcdonald, C; Bullmore, E; Sham, P; Chitnis, X; Suckling, J; Maccabe, J; Walshe, M; Murray, RM200566
Obstetric complications in patients with schizophrenia and their unaffected siblingsWalshe, M; Mcdonald, C; Taylor, M; Zhao, J; Sham, P; Grech, A; Schulze, K; Bramon, E; Murray, RM200554
Association of genetic risks for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with specific and generic brain structural endophenotypesMcdonald, C; Bullmore, ET; Sham, PC; Chitnis, X; Wickham, H; Bramon, E; Murray, RM200457
A controlled study of brain structure in monozygotic twins concordant and discordant for schizophreniaVan Haren, NEM; Picchioni, MM; Mcdonald, C; Marshall, N; Davis, N; Ribchester, T; Hulshoff Pol, HE; Sharma, T; Sham, P; Kahn, RS; Murray, R200459
A developmental model for similarities and dissimilarities between schizophrenia and bipolar disorderMurray, RM; Sham, P; Van Os, J; Zanelli, J; Cannon, M; Mcdonald, C2004130
Mismatch negativity in schizophrenia: A family studyBramon, E; Croft, RJ; Mcdonald, C; Virdi, GK; Gruzelier, JG; Baldeweg, T; Sham, PC; Frangou, S; Murray, RM200480
Meta-analysis of magnetic resonance imaging brain morphometry studies in bipolar disorderMcdonald, C; Zanelli, J; RabeHesketh, S; EllisonWright, I; Sham, P; Kalidindi, S; Murray, RM; Kennedy, N200472
Number of older siblings of individuals diagnosed with schizophreniaMcdonald, C; O'callaghan, E; Keogh, F; Sham, PC; Kinsella, A; Morris, M; Walsh, D200155
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