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Dissecting the genetic heterogeneity of depression through age at onsetPower, RA; Keers, R; Ng, MY; Butler, AW; Uher, R; Cohen-Woods, S; Ising, M; Craddock, N; Owen, MJ; Korszun, A; Jones, L; Jones, I; Gill, M; Rice, JP; Hauser, J; Henigsberg, N; Maier, W; Zobel, A; Mors, O; Placentino, AS; Rietschel, M; Souery, D; Kozel, D; Preisig, M; Lucae, S; Binder, EB; Aitchison, KJ; Tozzi, F; Muglia, P; Breen, G; Craig, IW; Farmer, AE; Müller-Myhsok, B; McGuffin, P; Lewis, CM201290
Genomewide association scan of suicidal thoughts and behaviour in major depressionSchosser, A; Butler, AW; Ising, M; Perroud, N; Uher, R; Ng, MY; Cohen-Woods, S; Craddock, N; Owen, MJ; Korszun, A; Jones, L; Jones, I; Gill, M; Rice, JP; Maier, W; Mors, O; Rietschel, M; Lucae, S; Binder, EB; Preisig, M; Perry, J; Tozzi, F; Muglia, P; Aitchison, KJ; Breen, G; Craig, IW; Farmer, AE; Mulller-Myhsok, B; McGuffin, P; Lewis, CM2011107
Commingling analyses of central corneal thickness and adjusted intraocular pressure in an older Australian populationRahman, ML; Bunce, C; Healey, PR; Mitchell, P; Sham, PC; McGuffin, P; Viswanathan, AC201099
Cognitive style, personality and vulnerability to postnatal depressionJones, L; Scott, J; Cooper, C; Forty, L; Smith, KG; Sham, P; Farmer, A; McGuffin, P; Craddock, N; Jones, I2010315
Evidence for rare and common genetic risk variants for schizophrenia at protein kinase C, alphaCarroll, LS; Williams, NM; Moskvina, V; Russell, E; Norton, N; Williams, HJ; Peirce, T; Georgieva, L; Dwyer, S; Grozeva, D; Greene, E; Farmer, A; McGuffin, P; Morris, DW; Corvin, A; Gill, M; Rujescu, D; Sham, P; Holmans, P; Jones, I; Kirov, G; Craddock, N; O'Donovan, MC; Owen, MJ2010114
DSM-IV combined type ADHD shows familial association with sibling trait scores: A sampling strategy for QTL linkageChen, W; Zhou, K; Sham, P; Franke, B; Kuntsi, J; Campbell, D; Fleischman, K; Knight, J; Andreou, P; Arnold, R; Altink, M; Boer, F; Boholst, MJ; Buschgens, C; Butler, L; Christiansen, H; Fliers, E; HoweForbes, R; Gabriëls, I; Heise, A; KornLubetzki, I; Marco, R; Medad, S; Minderaa, R; Müller, UC; Mulligan, A; Psychogiou, L; Rommelse, N; Sethna, V; Uebel, H; McGuffin, P; Plomin, R; Banaschewski, T; Buitelaar, J; Ebstein, R; Eisenberg, J; Gill, M; Manor, I; Miranda, A; Mulas, F; Oades, RD; Roeyers, H; Rothenberger, A; Sergeant, J; SonugaBarke, E; Steinhausen, HC; Taylor, E; Thompson, M; Faraone, SV; Asherson, P2008236
Association of the serotonin transporter gene, neuroticism and smoking behavioursO'Gara, C; Knight, J; Stapleton, J; Luty, J; Neale, B; Nash, M; HeuzoDiaz, P; Hoda, F; Cohen, S; Sutherland, G; Collier, D; Sham, P; Ball, D; McGuffin, P; Craig, I2008133
Differential methylation of the X-chromosome is a possible source of discordance for bipolar disorder female monozygotic twinsRosa, A; Picchioni, MM; Kalidindi, S; Loat, CS; Knight, J; Toulopoulou, T; Vonk, R; Van Der Schot, AC; Nolen, W; Kahn, RS; McGuffin, P; Murray, RM; Craig, IW2008158
The analysis of 51 genes in DSM-IV combined type attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Association signals in DRD4, DAT1 and 16 other genesBrookes, K; Xu, X; Chen, W; Zhou, K; Neale, B; Lowe, N; Aneey, R; Franke, B; Gill, M; Ebstein, R; Buitelaar, J; Sham, P; Campbell, D; Knight, J; Andreou, P; Altink, M; Arnold, R; Boer, F; Buschgens, C; Butler, L; Christiansen, H; Feldman, L; Fleischman, K; Fliers, E; HoweForbes, R; Goldfarb, A; Heise, A; Gabriëls, I; KornLubetzki, I; Marco, R; Medad, S; Minderaa, R; Mulas, F; Müller, U; Mulligan, A; Rabin, K; Rommelse, N; Sethna, V; Sorohan, J; Uebel, H; Psychogiou, L; Weeks, A; Barrett, R; Craig, I; Banaschewski, T; SonugaBarke, E; Eisenberg, J; Kuntsi, J; Manor, I; McGuffin, P; Miranda, A; Oades, RD; Plomin, R; Roeyers, H; Rothenberger, A; Sergeant, J; Steinhausen, HC; Taylor, E; Thompson, M; Faraone, SV; Asherson, P; Johansson, L2006165
Genome-wide linkage analysis of a composite index of neuroticism and mood-related scales in extreme selected sibshipsNash, MW; HuezoDiaz, P; Williamson, RJ; Sterne, A; Purcell, S; Hoda, F; Cherny, SS; Abecasis, G; Prince, M; Gray, JA; Ball, D; Asherson, P; Mann, A; Goldberg, D; McGuffin, P; Farmer, A; Plomin, R; Craig, IW; Sham, PC2004110
Life events and depression in a community sample of siblingsRijsdijk, FV; Sham, PC; Sterne, A; Purcell, S; McGuffin, P; Farmer, A; Goldberg, D; Mann, A; Cherny, SS; Webster, M; Ball, D; Eley, TC; Plomin, R2001101
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