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Formation of Dense Molecular Gas and Stars at the Circumnuclear Starburst Ring in the Barred Galaxy NGC 7552Pan, H A; Lim, JJL; Matsushita, S; Wong, T; Ryder, S201332
Star formation timescale in the circumnuclear starburst ring of barred galaxy NGC 7552Pan, HA; Lim, J; Matsushita, S; Wong, T201264
High-resolution mapping of the physical conditions in two nearby active galaxies based on 12CO(1-0), (2-1), and (3-2) linesBoone, F; GarcíaBurillo, S; Combes, F; Lim, J; Ho, P; Baker, AJ; Matsushita, S; Krips, M; Dinh, VT; Schinnerer, E2010147
Interferometric 12CO J = 2-1 image of the nuclear region of Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 1097Hsieh, PY; Matsushita, S; Lim, J; Kohno, K; SawadaSatoh, S200857
The circumnuclear molecular gas in the seyfert galaxy NGC 4945Chou, RCY; Peck, AB; Lim, J; Matsushita, S; Muller, S; SawadaSatoh, S; DinhVTrung; Boone, F; Henkel, C200760
Structure and kinematics of CO J = 2-1 emission in the central region of NGC 4258SawadaSatoh, S; Ho, PTP; Muller, S; Matsushita, S; Lim, J200754
Jet-disturbed molecular gas near the Seyfert 2 nucleus in M 51Matsushita, S; Muller, S; Lim, J200792
Submillimeter array 12CO (J = 3-2) interferometric observations of the central region of M51Matsushita, S; Sakamoto, K; Kuo, CY; Hsieh, PY; Trung, DV; Mao, RQ; Iono, D; Peck, AB; Wiedner, MC; Liu, SY; Ohashi, N; Lim, J200459
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