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Childhood obesity, gender, actual-ideal body image discrepancies, and physical self-concept in Hong Kong children: Cultural differences in the value of moderation.Marsh, HW; Hau, KT; Sung, RYT; Yu, CW2007258
Factorial structure and comparison between obese and non-obese children’s physical self-conceptHau, KT; Sung, RYT; Marsh, HW; Yu, CW; Lau, WC2006111
Regression towards the mean artifacts and Matthew effects in multilevel value-added analyses of individual schoolsLi, X; Marsh, HW; Hau, KT; Ho, ITF; Martin, AJ200584
Reducing the negative frame-of-reference effects on academic self-concept in academically selective schoolsHau, KT; Marsh, HW; Ho, ITF2005107
Self-concept and academic motivation of Chinese students in Hong KongHau, KT; Marsh, HW; Ho, ITF; Li, X; Seaton, M2005104
Expectancy, values, and self-related cognitions of Chinese students in Hong KongHau, KT; Marsh, HW; Ho, ITF200480
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