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Association of Blood Pressure with Polymorphisms in the Quantitative Trait Locus for Abdominal Obesity-Metabolic Syndrome on Chromosome 17Cheung, BMY; Leung, YH; Man, YU BUN; Ong, KL; Wong, LYF; Lau, CP; Lam, KSL2006104
Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment and Control of Hypertension in the United States 1999-2004Cheung, BMY; Ong, KL; Man, YU BUN; Wong, LYF; Lau, CP; Lam, KSL200698
Waist Circumference as a Predictor of Cardiovascular Risk in the Hong Kong Cardiovascular Risk Factor Prevalence Study-2 (CRISPS2)Cheung, BMY; Wat, NMS; Man, YU BUN; Tam, S; Cheng, CH; Leung, GM; Woo, JEAN; Janus, EDWARD D; Lau, CP; Lam, TH; Lam, KSL200687
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