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Detection of hypermethylated DNA or cyclooxygenase-2 messenger rna in fecal samples of patients with colorectal cancer or polypsLeung, WK; To, KF; Man, EPS; Chan, MWY; Hui, AJ; Ng, SSM; Lau, JYW; Sung, JJY200760
Frequent epigenetic inactivation of secreted frizzled-related protein 2 (SFRP2) by promoter methylation in human gastric cancerCheng, YY; Yu, J; Wong, YP; Man, EPS; To, KF; Jin, VX; Li, J; Tao, Q; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL; Leung, WK200783
Effects of Helicobacter pylori eradication on methylation status of E-cadherin gene in noncancerous stomachLeung, WK; Man, EPS; Yu, J; Go, MYY; To, KF; Yamaoka, Y; Cheng, VYY; Ng, EKW; Sung, JJY200665
H. pylori genotypes and cytokine gene polymorphisms influence the development of gastric intestinal metaplasia in a chinese populationLeung, WK; Chan, MCW; To, KF; Man, EPS; Ng, EKW; Chu, ESH; Lau, JYW; Lin, SR; Sung, JJY200680
Quantitative detection of promoter hypermethylation in multiple genes in the serum of patients with colorectal cancerLeung, WK; To, KF; Man, EPS; Chan, MWY; Bai, AHC; Hui, AJ; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY200550
Promoter hypermethylation of tumor-related genes in the progression of colorectal neoplasiaBai, AHC; Tong, JHM; To, KF; Chan, MWY; Man, EPS; Lo, KW; Lee, JFY; Sung, JJY; Leung, WK200468
Detection of epigenetic changes in fecal DNA as a molecular screening test for colorectal cancer: A feasibility studyLeung, WK; To, KF; Man, EPS; Chan, MWY; Bai, AHC; Hui, AJ; Chan, FKL; Lee, JFY; Sung, JJY200453
Detection of BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 gene mutations in Chinese breast and ovarian cancerKhoo, US; Cheung, ANY; Chow, LWC; Ngan, HYS; Au, GKH; Man, EPS; Loong, F; Ip, PPC; Chan, GSW; Ozcelik, H199885
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