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Ouabain facilitates cardiac differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells through ERK1/2 pathwayLee, YK; Ng, KM; Lai, WH; Man, C; Lieu, DK; Lau, CP; Tse, HF; Siu, CW201192
An amphiphilic ruthenium(II)-polypyridyl appended porphyrin as potential bifunctional two-photon tumor-imaging and photodynamic therapeutic agentPoon, CT; Chan, PS; Man, C; Jiang, FL; Wong, RNS; Mak, NK; Kwong, DWJ; Tsao, SW; Wong, WK2010374
SON is a spliceosome-associated factor required for mitotic progressionHuen, MSY; Sy, SMH; Leung, KM; Ching, YP; Tipoe, GL; Man, C; Dong, S; Chen, J2010228
Genetic alterations in a telomerase-immortalized human esophageal epithelial cell line: Implications for carcinogenesisCheung, PY; Deng, W; Man, C; Tse, WW; Srivastava, G; Law, S; Tsao, SW; Cheung, ALM2010166
Epstein-Barr virus infection in immortalized nasopharyngeal epithelial cells: Regulation of infection and phenotypic characterizationTsang, CM; Zhang, G; Seto, E; Takada, K; Deng, W; Yip, YL; Man, C; Hau, PM; Chen, H; Cao, Y; Lo, KW; Middeldorp, JM; Cheung, ALM; Tsao, SW2010137
Regulation of RASSF1A in nasopharyngeal cells and its response to UV irradiationLee, VHY; Chow, BKC; Lo, KW; Chow, LSN; Man, C; Tsao, SW; Lee, LTO2009151
Id1 overexpression induces tetraploidization and multiple abnormal mitotic phenotypes by modulating Aurora AMan, C; Rosa, J; Yip, YL; Cheung, ALM; Kwong, YL; Doxsey, SJ; Tsao, SW2008235
Latent membrane protein 1 suppresses RASSF1A expression, disrupts microtubule structures and induces chromosomal aberrations in human epithelial cellsMan, C; Rosa, J; Lee, LTO; Lee, VHY; Chow, BKC; Lo, KW; Doxsey, S; Wu, ZG; Kwong, YL; Jin, DY; Cheung, ALM; Tsao, SW2007137
Molecular and cytogenetic changes involved in the immortalization of nasopharyngeal epithelial cells by telomeraseLi, HM; Man, C; Jin, Y; Deng, W; Yip, YL; Feng, HC; Cheung, YC; Lo, KW; Meltzer, PS; Wu, ZG; Kwong, YL; Yuen, APW; Tsao, SW2006124
Telomere-mediated mitotic disturbances in immortalized ovarian epithelial cells reproduce chromosomal and breakpoints from ovarian carcinomaGisselsson, D; Lv, M; Tsao, SW; Man, C; Jin, C; Höglund, M; Yok, LK; Jin, Y2005137
Amplification and overexpression of Aurora kinase A (AURKA) in immortalized human ovarian epithelial (HOSE) cellsChung, CM; Man, C; Jin, Y; Jin, C; Guan, XY; Wang, Q; Wan, TSK; Cheung, ALM; Tsao, SW2005217
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a patient with fragile X syndrome: cytogenetic and molecular features.Au, WY; Man, C; Pang, A; Kwong, YL200366
Pentasomy 8q in therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome due to cyclophosphamide therapy for fibrosing alveolitisAu, WY; Ma, SK; Wan, TS; Man, C; Kwong, YL200384
Aberrant p15 gene promoter methylation in therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukaemia: Clinicopathological and karyotypic associationsAu, WY; Fung, A; Man, C; Ma, SK; Wan, TS; Liang, R; Kwong, YL2003300
Deletion 6q as a recurrent chromosomal aberration in T-cell large granular lymphocyte leukemiaMan, C; Au, WY; Pang, A; Kwong, YL2002102
Atypical blasts and bone marrow necrosis associated with near-triploid relapse of acute promyelocytic leukemia after arsenic trioxide treatmentChim, CS; Lam, CCK; Wong, KF; Man, C; Kam, S; Kwong, YL2002119
Chromosomal abnormalities in T-cell large granular lymphocyte leukaemia: Report of two cases and review of the literatureWong, KF; Chan, JCW; Liu, HSY; Man, C; Kwong, YL2002118
Therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome after eradication of acute promyelocytic leukemia: Cytogenetic and molecular featuresAu, WY; Lam, CCK; Ma, ESK; Man, C; Wan, T; Kwong, YL2001104
Genetic imbalances in lung cancer in Hong Kong by comparative genomic hybridizationMan, C; Lam, WK; Liang, RHS; Kwong, YL200171
Chronic T-cell lymphoproliferative disease expressing natural killer cell receptors: Clinicopathological and molecular featuresKwong, YL; Lam, CCK; Choy, C; Man, C; Au, WY; Siu, LLP200162
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