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CDK5RAP3 is a novel repressor of p14ARF in hepatocellular carcinoma cellsMak, GWY; Lai, WL; Zhou, Y; Li, M; Ng, IOL; Ching, YP2012128
CDK5RAP3 inhibits neuronal differentiation via downregulation of CDK5 activatorMak, GWY; Ching, YP201158
Overexpression of a novel activator of PAK4, the CDK5 kinase-associated protein CDK5RAP3, promotes hepatocellular carcinoma metastasisMak, GWY; Chan, MML; Leong, VYL; Lee, JMF; Yau, TO; Ng, IOL; Ching, YP2011190
Impact of G 2 checkpoint defect on centromeric instabilityDeng, W; Tsao, SW; Mak, GWY; Tsang, CM; Ching, YP; Guan, XY; Huen, MSY; Cheung, ALM2011669
Characterization of CDK5RAP3 in hepatocellular carcinomaMak, GWY; Ng, IOL; Ching, YP2010210
Functional characterization of CDK5RAP3 in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma CellsMak, GWY; Ng, IOL; Ching, YP200995
Functional characterization of C53 and its possible roles in tumorigenesisMak, GWY; Leong, VYL; Yau, TO; Ng, IOL; Ching, YP200773
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