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A novel fast solver for poisson's equation with neumann boundary conditionMa, Z; Chew, WC; Jiang, L201362
Calderón multiplicative preconditioned EFIE with perturbation methodSun, S; Liu, YG; Chew, WC; Ma, Z201361
Modified Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling dan suppresses adjuvant arthritis by inhibiting chemokines and matrix-degrading enzymesNanjundaiah, SM; Lee, DYW; Ma, Z; Fong, HHS; Lao, L; Berman, BM; Moudgil, KD201224
Perturbation method for low-frequency calderón multiplicative preconditioned EFIESun, S; Chew, WC; Liu, Y; Ma, Z201253
Single-mode whispering gallery lasing from metal-clad GaN nanopillarsLi, KH; Ma, Z; Choi, HW201293
Tunable clover-shaped GaN photonic bandgap structures patterned by dual-step nanosphere lithographyLi, KH; Ma, Z; Choi, HW2012111
Calcium homeostasis modulator 1 (CALHM1) is the pore-forming subunit of an ion channel that mediates extracellular Ca2+ regulation of neuronal excitability.Ma, Z; Siebert, AP; Cheung, KH; Lee, RJ; Johnson, B; Cohen, AS; Vingtdeux, V; Narambaud, P; Foskett, JK201236
Clover-shaped GaN photonic bandgap structures patterned by repeated nanosphere lithographyLi, KH; Ma, Z; Choi, HW201148
Role of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in the clearance of enterococcus faecalis derived from saliva and infected root canalsMa, Z; Wang, Y; Zhu, X; Zhang, C; Li, S; Jin, L; Shen, Y; Haapasalo, M2011210
Suppression of ongoing experimental arthritis by a Chinese herbal formula (Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling Dan) involves changes in antigen-induced immunological and biochemical mediators of inflammationMoudgil, KD; Yang, YH; Rajaiah, R; Lee, DYW; Ma, Z; Yu, H; Fong, HHS; Lao, L; Berman, BM201145
Color-tunable emitter implemented with a group-addressable micro-LED and jet-printed pixelsMa, Z; Choi, HW201146
Plasmonically enhanced quantum-dot white-light InGaN light-emitting diodeMak, GY; Zhu, L; Ma, Z; Huang, SY; Lam, EY; Choi, HW2011189
High-Q whispering-gallery mode lasing from nanosphere-patterned GaN nanoring arraysLi, KH; Ma, Z; Choi, HW2011140
奎納克林對順鉑抑制口腔鱗癌細胞系SCC-VII體內外生長作用的影響Ma, Z; Xu, Z; Zhang, C2010279
Solving low frequency electromagnetic problems with EPA and A-EFIEMa, Z; Jiang, L; Qian, Z; Li, M; Chew, WC2010195
Augmented EPA with augmented EFIE method for packaging analysisMa, Z; Jiang, L; Chew, W; Li, M; Qian, Z2010270
Self-doping effect and successive magnetic transitions in superconducting Sr2 VFeAsO3Cao, GH; Ma, Z; Wang, C; Sun, Y; Bao, J; Jiang, S; Luo, Y; Feng, C; Zhou, Y; Xie, Z; Hu, F; Wei, S; Nowik, I; Felner, I; Zhang, L; Xu, Z; Zhang, FC2010205
Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling Dan modulates antigen-directed immune response in adjuvant-induced inflammationRajaiah, R; Lee, DYW; Ma, Z; Fan, AY; Lao, L; Fong, HHS; Berman, BM; Moudgil, KD200920
Glial response and myelin clearance in areas of wallerian degeneration after spinal cord hemisection in the monkey macaca fascicularisShi, F; Zhu, H; Yang, S; Liu, Y; Feng, Y; Shi, J; Xu, D; Wu, W; You, S; Ma, Z; Zou, J; Lu, P; Xu, XM2009116
Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) from raccoon dog can serve as an efficient receptor for the spike protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirusXu, L; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y; Chen, Z; Deng, H; Ma, Z; Wang, H; Hu, Z; Deng, F2009173
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