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A note on a selfish bin packing problemMa, R; Dósa, G; Han, X; Ting, HF; Ye, D; Zhang, Y2013112
Detection of perfluorochemicals in sludge and sediments in Hong KongMa, R; Wang, F; Shih, K2010187
Perfluorochemicals in wastewater treatment plants and sediments in Hong KongMa, R; Shih, K2010159
Partition and Fate of Perfluorochemicals in Wastewater SludgeMa, R; Shih, K200992
Leptin signaling protects NK cells from apoptosis during development in mouse bone marrowLo, CKC; Lam, QLK; Yang, M; Ko, KH; Sun, L; Ma, R; Wang, S; Xu, H; Tam, S; Wu, CY; Zheng, BJ; Lu, L2009167
Advances in the study of silylium cations with long live in solution and solid phasesRang, G; Ma, R; Long, L; Zhou, C199636
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