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The genesis and source of the H7N9 influenza viruses causing human infections in ChinaLam, TY; Wang, J; Shen, Y; Zhou, B; Duan, L; Cheung, CL; Ma, C; Lycett, SJ; Leung, CYH; Chen, X; Li, L; Hong, W; Chai, Y; Zhou, L; Liang, H; Ou, Z; Liu, Y; Farooqui, A; Kelvin, DJ; Poon, LLM; Smith, DK; Pybus, OG; Leung, GM; Shu, Y; Webster, RG; Webby, RJ; Peiris, JSM; Rambaut, A; Zhu, H; Guan, Y201329
Promotion of holistic development of university students in Hong Kong: Development of a service leadership courseShek, DTL; Sun, RCF; Lu, Y; Ma, C; Siu, A201225
Non-linear beam tracing on a GPULiu, B; Wei, LY; Yang, X; Ma, C; Xu, YQ; Guo, B; Wu, E201142
Kinematics and age constraints of deformation in a Late Carboniferous accretionary complex in Western Junggar, NW ChinaZhang, J; Xiao, W; Han, C; Ao, S; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Geng, H; Zhao, G; Guo, Q; Ma, C20111,255
Discrete element texturesMa, C; Wei, LY; Tong, X2011134
The epigenetic modifier PRDM5 functions as a tumor suppressor through modulating WNT/β-catenin signaling and is frequently silenced in multiple tumorsShu, XS; Geng, H; Li, L; Ying, J; Ma, C; Wang, Y; Poon, FF; Wang, X; Ying, Y; Yeo, W; Srivastava, G; Tsao, SW; Yu, J; Sung, JJY; Huang, S; Chan, ATC; Tao, Q2011185
Challenge and polymorphism analysis of the novel A (H1N1) influenza virus to normal animalsBao, L; Xu, L; Zhan, L; Deng, W; Zhu, H; Gao, H; Sun, H; Ma, C; Lv, Q; Li, F; Chen, H; Zhang, L; Qin, C2010482
Motion field texture synthesisMa, C; Wei, LY; Guo, B; Zhou, K2009115
Activating transcription factor 3 up-regulated by c-Jun NH 2-terminal kinase/c-Jun contributes to apoptosis induced by potassium deprivation in cerebellar granule neuronsMei, Y; Yuan, Z; Song, B; Li, D; Ma, C; Hu, C; Ching, YP; Li, M200885
E2F1 is not essential for apoptosis induced by potassium deprivation in cerebellar granule neuronsYuan, Z; Mei, Y; Zhou, J; Tan, M; Song, B; Ma, C; Ying, C; Li, D; Ching, YP; Li, M2007185
dp5/HRK is a c-jun target gene and required for apoptosis induced by potassium deprivation in cerebellar granule neuronsMa, C; Ying, C; Yuan, Z; Song, B; Li, D; Liu, Y; Lai, B; Li, W; Chen, R; Ching, YP; Li, M200780
SARS coronavirus spike polypeptide DNA vaccine priming with recombinant spike polypeptide from Escherichia coli as booster induces high titer of neutralizing antibody against SARS coronavirusWoo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Tsoi, HW; Chen, ZW; Wong, BHL; Zhang, L; Chan, JKH; Wong, LP; He, W; Ma, C; Chan, KH; Ho, DD; Yuen, KY2005132
Are the Important Bird Areas Adequately Protected under the Current Protected Areas System in Hong Kong?Ng, CN; Ma, C2005110
Enhancing TCP performance to persistent packet reorderingLeung, KC; Ma, C2005159
Improving TCP reordering robustness in multipath networksMa, C; Leung, KC2004134
Improving TCP robustness under reordering network environmentMa, C; Leung, KC2004102
Electronic structure and charge distribution of potassium iodide intercalated single-walled carbon nanotubesYam, C; Ma, C; Wang, X; Chen, G2004659
Platform-based embedded software design and system integration for autonomous vehiclesHorowitz, B; Liebman, J; Ma, C; Koo, TJ; SangiovanniVincentelli, A; Sastry, SS200324
Near infrared laser spectroscopy of titanium sulfideRan, Q; Tam, WS; Ma, C; Cheung, ASC1999116
Sub-doppler laser spectroscopy of ZrNJiang, H; Ma, C; Cheung, ASC199881
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