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CL-385319 inhibits H5N1 avian influenza A virus infection by blocking viral entry
European Journal of Pharmacology
Elsevier BV. The Journal's web site is located at
Liu, S; Li, R; Zhang, R; Chan, CCS; Xi, B; Zhu, Z; Yang, J; Poon, VKM; Zhou, J; Chen, M; Münch, J; Kirchhoff, F; Pleschka, S; Haarmann, T; Dietrich, U; Pan, C; Du, L; Jiang, S; Zheng, B2011497
A simian immunodeficiency virus V3 loop mutant that does not efficiently use CCR5 or common alternative coreceptors is moderately attenuated in vivo
Academic Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Pöhlmann, S; Münch, J; Aziz, S; Reeves, JD; Otto, C; Leslie, GJ; Hofmann, H; Puffer, BA; Baribaud, F; Marzi, A; Gramberg, T; Chen, Z; Stolte, N; Haaft, PT; Heeney, JL; StahlHennig, C; MätzRensing, K; Schneider, T; Doms, RW; Kirchhoff, F2007153
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