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The change cycles of major element in Salawusu River valley since 150 ka B.P.Li, H; Li, BS; Zhu, Y; Jin, H; Zhang, D; Yan, M; Zhang, Y; Luo, K; Yao, C2002106
Grain-size cycles in Salawusu River valley since 150 ka BPZhang, Y; Li, B; Jin, H; Zhang, DD; Yan, M; Zhu, Y; Li, H; Yao, C; Luo, K2001126
Perpendicular-electric-field dependence of exciton binding energy studied by continuous-wave photoluminescenceLuo, K; Zheng, H; Xu, S; Yang, X; Zhang, P; Zhang, W; Li, C199647
Direct observation for the reduction of exciton binding energy induced by perpendicular electric fieldLuo, K; Zheng, H; Xu, S; Zhang, P; Zhang, W; Yang, X199566
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