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Virtual and In Vitro Bioassay Screening of Phytochemical Inhibitors from Flavonoids and Isoflavones Against Xanthine Oxidase and Cyclooxygenase-2 for Gout TreatmentLi, YD; Frenz, CM; Li, ZW; Chen, MH; Wang, YR; Li, FJ; Luo, C; Sun, J; Bohlin, L; Li, ZJ; Yang, H; Wang, CL201342
Dual Effects of Bilirubin on the Proliferation of Rat Renal NRK52E Cells and ITS Association with Gap JunctionsWang, Y; Zhu, Q; Luo, C; Zhang, A; Hei, Z; Su, G; Xia, Z; Irwin, MG201325
Mast cell stabilization alleviates acute lung injury after orthotopic autologous liver transplantation in rats by downregulating inflammationZhang, A; Chi, X; Luo, G; Hei, Z; Xia, H; Luo, C; Wang, Y; MAO, X; Xia, Z201331
Lipopolysaccharide impairs gap junction function and reduces rat kidney NRK-52E cell proliferationWang, Y; Wei, J; Xia, Z; Hei, Z; Luo, C201289
Study on Inland Waterway Transport Development in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region (In Chinese)Wang, JJ; Luo, P; Luo, C2010110
A rising trend of gastric cardia cancer in Gansu Province of ChinaZhou, Y; Zhang, Z; Zhang, Z; Wu, J; Ren, D; Yan, X; Wang, Q; Wang, Y; Wang, H; Zhang, J; Zhu, X; Yang, Y; Luo, C; Guo, X; Tang, C; Qiao, L2008156
Blockade of cholecystokinin-2 receptor and cyclooxygenase-2 synergistically induces cell apoptosis, and inhibits the proliferation of human gastric cancer cells in vitroSun, WH; Zhu, F; Chen, GS; Sun, H; Luo, C; Zhao, QS; Zhang, Y; Shao, Y; Sun, J; Zhou, SM; Ding, GX; Cheng, YL2008135
COX-1 and -2 expressions in sex-related organs of neonatally estrogen-treated rats and in activated and nonactivated macrophage RAW264.7 cells with phytoestrogenLuo, C; Peng, Y; Santti, R; Ming, LH; Lin, MC200672
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