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Efficacy and safety of Chinese herbal medicine for benign prostatic hyperplasia: systematic review of randomized controlled trials.
Asian J Androl.
MA, CH; Lin, W; Lui, S; Cai, X; Wong, V; Ziea, E; Zhang, Z201357
Abnormalities in connectivity of white-matter tracts in patients with familial and non-familial schizophrenia
Psychological Medicine
Cambridge University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Wang, Q; Deng, W; Huang, C; Li, M; Ma, X; Wang, Y; Jiang, L; Lui, S; Huang, X; Chua, SE; Cheung, C; McAlonan, GM; Sham, PC; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; Gong, Q; Li, T2011305
Developing a service innovation model for a food and beverage company: A showcase of evidence-based managementMan, DCK; Lui, S2008151
Individual change schema, core discussion network, and participation in change: A study of Macau casino employees
The 5th Asia Academy of management Conference (Tokyo)
Liu, KW; Lui, S; Man, DCK2006123
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