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Oral health promotion for South Asian childrenLo, ECM; Lui, KC; Ho, BCM; Hon, CC; Ku, JKT; Lau, TC; Ling, NWS; Shao, SWJ; Tang, VCW; Tang, KY; Tsang, CY2009119
Oral health care service for elders in a care and attention homeLo, ECM; Lui, KC; Chan, SM; Chan, WL; Ching, ST; Fok, WC; Law, WM; Lee, YM; Leung, CSY; Wong, LO; Wong, N2008114
Oral health care for inmates of rehabilitation centres in Hong KongWong, MCM; Lui, KC; Chan, MH; Cheng, GWK; Cheung, AWT; Cheung, GJK; Fung, PL; Fung, SL; Lam, YH; Mui, NHT; Wong, KL; Wong, KY2008111
Oral health care for the physically handicappedLo, ECM; Lui, KC; Chan, CY; Chan, MT; Chen, LC; Chiu, KY; Ho, CK; Lam, HN; Lam, WF; Wai, DTS200791
Improving the oral health of elders in a care and attention homeLo, ECM; Lui, KC; Au Yeung, CO; Chan, PCY; Chan, RKP; Chu, SY; Ko, CH; Lai, FWS; Li, KWK; Lin, WWS; Tse, JYY2005106
Effects of strength training on body composition and bone mineral content in children who are obese/overweight.Yu, CW; Sung, RYT; So, RCH; Lui, KC; Lau, W; Lam, PKW; Lau, EMC2005153
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