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Classifying, Measuring and Predicting the Overall Active Behavior in Social Network Sites
Journal of Management Information Systems (Forthcoming)
Chen, AH; Lu, YB; Chau, PYK; Gupta, S201471
Frequency and distribution in East Asia of 12 mutations identified in the SLC25A13 gene of Japanese patients with citrin deficiency
Journal of Human Genetics
Springer Japan. The Journal's web site is located at
Lu, YB; Kobayashi, K; Ushikai, M; Tabata, A; Iijima, M; Li, MX; Lei, L; Kawabe, K; Taura, S; Yang, Y; Liu, TT; Chiang, SH; Hsiao, KJ; Lau, YL; Tsui, LC; Lee, DH; Saheki, T2005962
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