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Pleiotropic functions of fibroblast growth factor signaling in embryonic mammary gland developmentKim, EJ; Jung, HS; Lu, P201324
PKA-induced dimerization of the RhoGAP DLC1 promotes its inhibition of tumorigenesis and metastasisKo, FCF; Chan, LK; Sze, MF; Yeung, YS; Tse, EYT; Lu, P; Yu, MH; Ng, IOL; Yam, JWP201351
Notch1-Snail1-E-cadherin pathway in metastatic hepatocellular carcinomaWang, XQ; Zhang, W; Lui, ELH; Zhu, Y; Lu, P; Yu, X; Sun, J; Yang, S; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2012193
Octamer 4 (Oct4) mediates chemotherapeutic drug resistance in liver cancer cells through a potential Oct4-AKT-ATP-binding cassette G2 pathwayWang, XQ; Ongkeko, WM; Chen, L; Yang, ZF; Lu, P; Chen, KK; Lopez, JP; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2010444
Twinning mediated growth of ZnSe tri- and bi-crystal nanobelts with single crystalline wurtzite nanobelts as building blocksJin, L; Wang, J; Jia, S; Sang, H; Deng, L; Yan, X; Cai, Y; Lu, P; Choy, WCH2010218
ZnSe heterocrystalline junctions based on zinc blende-wurtzite polytypismJin, L; Wang, J; Jia, S; Jiang, Q; Yan, X; Lu, P; Cai, Y; Deng, L; Choy, WCH2010219
Copper-catalyzed four-component reaction of Baylis-Hillman adducts with alkynes, sulfonyl azides and alcoholsSong, W; Lei, M; Shen, Y; Cai, S; Lu, W; Lu, P; Wang, Y201089
Glial response and myelin clearance in areas of wallerian degeneration after spinal cord hemisection in the monkey macaca fascicularisShi, F; Zhu, H; Yang, S; Liu, Y; Feng, Y; Shi, J; Xu, D; Wu, W; You, S; Ma, Z; Zou, J; Lu, P; Xu, XM2009117
Nucleic acid-induced aggregation and pyrene excimer formationZhang, R; Tang, D; Lu, P; Yang, X; Liao, D; Zhang, Y; Zhang, M; Yu, C; Yam, VWW2009188
Glial and axonal responses in areas of Wallerian degeneration of the corticospinal and dorsal ascending tracts after spinal cord dorsal funiculotomyWang, L; Hu, B; Wong, WM; Lu, P; Wu, W; Xu, XM2009154
Aberrant Polo-like kinase 1-Cdc25A pathway in metastatic hepatocellular carcinomaXiao, QW; Yong, QZ; Lui, KS; Cai, Q; Lu, P; Poon, RT2008166
Avian influenza A (H5N1) infection in a patient in China, 2006.Chen, X; Smith, GJ; Zhou, B; Qiu, C; Wu, WL; Li, Y; Lu, P; Duan, L; Liu, S; Yuan, J; Yang, G; Wang, H; Cheng, J; Jiang, H; Peiris, JS; Chen, H; Yuen, KY; Zhong, N; Guan, Y200799
Induction of apoptosis and inhibition of cell growth by developmental regulator hTBX5He, ML; Chen, Y; Peng, Y; Jin, D; Du, D; Wu, J; Lu, P; Lin, MC; Kung, HF2002114
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