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Predictors of spontaneous smoking cessation among Chinese men whose wives are pregnantLoke, AY; Mak, YW; Lau, PY201269
Household smoking practices of parents with young children, and predictors of poor household smoking practicesMak, YW; Loke, AY; Abdullah, AS; Lam, TH2008106
Acceptability, Adherence and Satisfaction of a Proactive Telephone-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Parents with Young Children.Mak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH200692
Predictors of the participation of smoking parents in a proactive telephone-based smoking cessation programMak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH; Abdullah, AS2006110
Gender differences in smoking behavior of smoking parents with young children in Hong KongMak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH200660
Predictors of smoking cessation among Chinese parents of young children followed up for 6 monthsAbdullah, ASM; Lam, TH; Loke, AY; Mak, YW2006130
The Predictors Of Participation Of Smoking Parents In A Proactive Telephone-based Smoking Cessation ProgramMak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH; Abdullah, ASM2006115
Validity of self-reports and reliability of spousal proxy reports on the smoking behavior of Chinese parents with young childrenMak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH; Abdullah, ASM2005153
Smoking cessation intervention in parents of young children: A randomised controlled trialAbdullah, ASM; Mak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH2005156
A randomized controlled trial of the simple advice given by obstetricians in Guangzhou, China, to non-smoking pregnant women to help their husbands quit smokingLoke, AY; Lam, TH200599
Smoking cessation intervention in Chinese parents of young children: A randomized control trial (Abstract)Abdullah, ASM; Mak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH200469
Hong Kong smoking parents' household smoking hygiene (Abstract)Mak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH; Abdullah, ASM200458
Exposure to and actions against passive smoking in non-smoking pregnant women in Guangzhou, ChinaLoke, AY; Lam, TH; Pan, SC; Li, SY; Gao, XJ; Song, YY2000159
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