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Differential regulation of RNF8-mediated Lys48- and Lys63-based poly-ubiquitylationLok, GTM; Sy, SMH; Dong, SS; Ching, YP; Tsao, SW; Thomson, TM; Huen, MSY2012177
The E3 ubiquitin ligase Rnf8 stabilizes Tpp1 to promote telomere end protectionRai, R; Li, JM; Zheng, H; Lok, GTM; Deng, Y; Huen, MSY; Chen, J; Jin, J; Chang, S2011145
Aberrant activation of ERK/FOXM1 signaling cascade triggers the cell migration/invasion in ovarian cancer cellsLok, GTM; Chan, DW; Liu, VWS; Hui, WWY; Leung, THY; Yao, KM; Ngan, HYS2011444
Critical roles of ring finger protein RNF8 in replication stress responsesSy, SMH; Jiang, J; Dong, SS; Lok, GTM; Wu, J; Cai, H; Yeung, ESL; Huang, J; Chen, J; Deng, Y; Huen, MSY2011157
Over-expression of FOXM1 is associated with cell migration/invasion of ovarian cancer cellsLok, GTM; Chan, DW; Liu, VWS; Ngan, HYS2010152
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