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The growth pattern and fuel life cycle analysis of the electricity consumption of Hong KongTo, WM; Lai, TM; Lo, WC; Lam, KH; Chung, WL2012134
The application of dynamic modelling techniques to the grid-connected PV (photovoltaic) systemsLam, KH; Lai, TM; Lo, WC; To, WM2012111
The causal relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth in a Gaming and Tourism Center: The case of Macao SAR, the People’s Republic of ChinaLai, TM; To, WM; Lo, WC; Choy, YS; Lam, KH201164
Asymmetric inter- and intramolecular cyclopropanation of alkenes catalyzed by chiral ruthenium porphyrins. Synthesis and crystal structure of a chiral metalloporphyrin carbene complexChe, CM; Huang, JS; Lee, FW; Li, Y; Lai, TS; Kwong, HL; Teng, PF; Lee, WS; Lo, WC; Peng, SM; Zhou, ZY2001283
Acoustic noise radiated by PWM-controllel induction machine drivesLo, WC; Chan, CC; Zhu, ZQ; Xu, L; Howe, D; Chau, KT2000578
A soft switching power converter with inherent power limitationPong, MH; Lo, WC; Poon, FNK199992
Traction system scheduling to minimize harmonic current level at substation by genetic algorithmYe, ZM; Lo, WC; Pong, MH; Yuen, KH1999262
Modeling of electric railway vehicle for harmonic analysis of traction power-supply system using spline interpolation in frequency domainYuen, KH; Pong, MH; Lo, WC; Ye, ZM1999442
Modeling of traction harmonic current using statistical methodYuen, KH; Ye, ZM; Pong, MH; Lo, WC1999128
Harmonic Evaluation of the Traction System by Monte Carlo SimulationYe, ZM; Pong, MH; Lo, WC; Yuen, KH199987
Harmonic evaluation of traction system by Monte Carlo simulationYe, Zhongming; Pong, MH; Lo, WC; Yuen, KH1999393
Catalytic and asymmetric cyclopropanation of styrenes catalysed by ruthenium porphyrin and porphycene complexesLo, WC; Che, CM; Cheng, KF; Mak, TCW1997119
Photophysical properties, crystal structure, and host-guest interaction of a luminescent tetranuclear gold(I)-phenylacetylide complex with a supramolecular phosphine ligandTzeng, BC; Lo, WC; Che, CM; Peng, SM1996111
Luminescent metal clusters. Spectroscopic properties and X-ray structure of a trinuclear gold(I) complex containing bis(diphenylphosphino)methane and phenylacetylideChe, CM; Yip, HK; Lo, WC; Peng, SM199466
Luminescent gold(I) acetylide complexes. Photophysical and photoredox properties and crystal structure of [{Au(C≡CPh)}2(μ-Ph2PCH2CH 2PPh2)]Li, D; Hong, X; Che, CM; Lo, WC; Peng, SM199379
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