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A prospective evaluation of surgeon-performed transcutaneous laryngeal ultrasonography in assessing vocal cord function before and after thyroidectomyWong, KP; Lang, BHH; Ng, SH; Cheung, CY; Chan, CTY; Lo, CY201339
Evaluating the prognostic factors associated with cancer-specific survival of differentiated thyroid carcinoma presenting with distant metastasisLang, BHH; Wong, KP; Cheung, CY; Wan, KY; Lo, CY201386
Thyroidectomy in patients present with emergency airway obstruction - a 14-year series in a tertiary referral center (poster presentation)Tam, SC; Wong, KP; Lang, HHB; Lo, CY201321
A prospective, assessor-blind evaluation of surgeon-performed transcutaneous laryngeal ultrasonography in vocal cord examination before and after thyroidectomyWong, KP; Lang, BHH; Ng, SH; Cheung, CY; Chan, CTY; Lo, CY201330
Changing trend in surgical indication and management for Graves' diseaseYip, J; Lang, BHH; Lo, CY201295
Factors affecting the adequacy of lymph node yield in prophylactic unilateral central neck dissection for papillary thyroid carcinomaLang, BHH; Yih, PC; Shek, TW; Wan, KY; Lo, CY201287
Advances in the systemic treatment of neuroendocrine tumors in the era of molecular therapyLeung, R; Lang, B; Wong, H; Chiu, J; Wan, KY; Shek, T; Woo, YC; Lo, CY; Yau, T2012105
Inter-professional Collaboration between Medical and Dental ProfessionsWong, WC; Au, KL; Cheung, CM; Chu, KS; Hui, WT; Lee, PS; Lo, CY; Tse, KW; Yu, VC; Chu, CH201223
Significance of Metastatic Lymph Node Ratio on Stimulated Thyroglobulin Levels in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma after Prophylactic Unilateral Central Neck DissectionLang, BHH; Wong, KP; Wan, KY; Lo, CY2012303
Impact of routine unilateral central neck dissection on preablative and postablative stimulated thyroglobulin levels after total thyroidectomy in papillary thyroid carcinomaLang, BHH; Wong, KP; Wan, KY; Lo, CY2012191
A review of risk factors and timing for postoperative hematoma after thyroidectomy: is outpatient thyroidectomy really safe?Lang, BHH; Yih, PCL; Lo, CY2012104
Eucalcemic parathyroid hormone elevation after parathyroidectomy for primary sporadic hyperparathyroidism: risk factors, trend, and outcomeLang, BHH; Wong, IYH; Wong, KP; Lo, CY2012157
Significance of Size of Lymph Node Metastasis on Postsurgical Stimulated Thyroglobulin Levels After Prophylactic Unilateral Central Neck Dissection in Papillary Thyroid CarcinomaLang, BHH; Tang, AH; Wong, KP; Shek, TW; Wan, KY; Lo, CY2012259
Quantitative analysis of the expression of TGF-alpha and EGFR in papillary thyroid carcinoma: Clinicopathological relevanceLam, AKY; Lau, KKP; Gopalan, V; Luk, J; Lo, CY2011243
Collaborative reputation management in the HKU IR based upon DSpacePalmer, DT; Bollini, A; Liu, E; Lo, CY; Mornati, S; Poon, F; Pascarelli, LA2011840
Vitamin D3 deficiency is associated with late-onset hypocalcemia after minimally invasive parathyroidectomy in a vitamin D borderline areaLang, BHH; Lo, CY201034
Technological Innovations in Surgical Approach for Thyroid CancerLang, BHH; Lo, CY2010106
Impact of second primary malignancy on outcomes of differentiated thyroid carcinomaLang, BHH; Lo, CY; Wong, IOL; Cowling, BJ201094
Protective effects of green and black tea extracts on lipid peroxidation of seal blubber oil.Zhu, Q; Liang, CP; Cheng, KW; Peng, X; Lo, CY; Shahidi, F; Chen, SF; Wang, M2009600
Cushing's disease and syndromeLang, BHH; Lo, CY200961
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