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Leptin signaling protects NK cells from apoptosis during development in mouse bone marrowLo, CKC; Lam, QLK; Yang, M; Ko, KH; Sun, L; Ma, R; Wang, S; Xu, H; Tam, S; Wu, CY; Zheng, BJ; Lu, L2009167
Natural killer cell degeneration exacerbates experimental arthritis in mice via enhanced interleukin-17 productionLo, CKC; Lam, QLK; Sun, L; Wang, S; Ko, KH; Xu, H; Wu, CY; Zheng, BJ; Lu, L2008139
Impaired V(D)J recombination and increased apoptosis among B cell precursors in the bone marrow of c-Abl-deficient miceLam, QLK; Lo, CKC; Zheng, BJ; Ko, KH; Osmond, DG; Wu, GE; Rottapel, R; Lu, L200798
Expression and function of TNF family member B cell-activating factor in the development of autoimmune arthritisZhang, M; Ko, KH; Lam, QLK; Lo, CKC; Srivastava, G; Zheng, B; Lau, YL; Lu, L200593
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