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Resveratrol Inhibits the TRIF-Dependent Pathway by Upregulating Sterile Alpha and Armadillo Motif Protein, Contributing to Anti-Inflammatory Effects after Respiratory Syncytial Virus InfectionLiu, T; Zang, N; Zhou, N; Li, W; Xie, X; Deng, Y; Ren, L; Long, X; Li, S; Zhou, L; Zhao, X; Tu, W; Wang, L; Tan, B; Liu, E201431
Tai chi for patients with Parkinson's disease [1]Liu, T; Lao, L201216
Lyapunov formulation of the ISS cyclic-small-gain theorem for hybrid dynamical networksLiu, T; Jiang, ZP; Hill, DJ201252
Sustained release of neurotrophin-3 and chondroitinase ABC from electrospun collagen nanofiber scaffold for spinal cord injury repairLiu, T; Xu, J; Chan, BP; Chew, SY2012242
Global bounded synchronization of general dynamical networks with nonidentical nodesZhao, J; Hill, DJ; Liu, T201270
Decentralized output-feedback control of large-scale nonlinear systems with sensor noiseLiu, T; Jiang, ZP; Hill, DJ201247
RAD18-BRCTx interaction is required for efficient repair of UV-induced DNA damageLiu, T; Chen, H; Kim, H; Huen, MSY; Chen, J; Huang, J2012118
Lyapunov formulation of the large-scale, ISS cyclic-small-gain theorem: The discrete-time caseLiu, T; Hill, DJ; Jiang, ZP201272
Synchronization of dynamical networks by network controlLiu, T; Hill, DJ; Zhao, J201290
Small-gain based output-feedback controller design for a class of nonlinear systems with actuator dynamic quantizationLiu, T; Jiang, ZP; Hill, DJ201251
Interactions between space-, surface-, and object-based attentionLiu, T; Hayward, WG201256
Nanofibrous collagen nerve conduits for spinal cord repair.Liu, T; Houle, JD; Xu, J; Chan, BP; Chew, SY201296
The perception of simplified and traditional Chinese Characters in the eye of simplified and traditional Chinese readersLiu, T; Hsiao, J201291
A sector bound approach to feedback control of nonlinear systems with state quantizationLiu, T; Jiang, ZP; Hill, DJ201252
Self-relevance of patients with schizophreniaChan, KW; Liu, T; Wong, GHY; Hui, CLM; Chang, WC; Lam, MLM; Chen, EYH2012134
The perception of simplified and traditional Chinese characters in the eye of simplified and traditional Chinese readersLiu, T; Hsiao, JHW201274
Stabilization to ISS for discrete-time impulsive hybrid systems with mixed K -dissipativityLiu, B; Liu, T; Hill, DJ201158
Dissipativity-based switching adaptive controlLiu, T; Hill, DJ; Wang, C201147
Stability of dynamical networks with non-identical nodes: A multiple V-Lyapunov function methodZhao, J; Hill, DJ; Liu, T201152
Lyapunov formulation of ISS cyclic-small-gain in continuous-time dynamical networksLiu, T; Hill, DJ; Jiang, ZP201144
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