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Heterotrophs grown on the soluble microbial products (SMP) released by autotrophs are responsible for the nitrogen loss in nitrifying granular sludgeNi, BJ; Xie, WM; Chen, YP; Fang, F; Liu, SY; Ren, TT; Sheng, GP; Yu, HQ; Liu, G; Tian, YC2011120
Establish of new type rat model of chronic compressive cervical myelopathyLong, HQ; Wen, C; Hu, Y; Li, GS; Liu, SY; Li, FB201095
Influence of size-dependent electrostatic energy on the ferroelectric nanodot domain structure by phase field methodHong, L; Soh, AK; Liu, SY; Lu, L2009621
Lateral surface induced effects on ultra-thin amorphous Co nanowireLiu, SY; Soh, AK; Hong, L200971
Vortex structure transformation of BaTiO3 nanoparticles through the gradient functionHong, L; Soh, AK; Liu, SY; Lu, L2009660
Structure characterization of amorphous CoxGd1-x nanowires and magnetic properties of their arraysLiu, SY; Soh, AK; Hong, L; Lu, L2009575
Monte Carlo simulation to the magnetic properties of amorphous Co nanowiresLiu, SY; Soh, AK; Hong, L2009221
Fabrication and characterization of Co xGd 1-x nanowire arrays and core-shell-like Co xGd 1-x/CoO nanowire arraysLiu, SY; Soh, AK; Hong, L; Zheng, GP200888
Triple-crystal zinc selenide nanobeltsLiu, SY; Choy, WCH; Jin, L; Leung, YP; Zheng, GP; Wang, J; Soh, AK2007268
654 GHz continuum and C 18O(6-5) observations of G240.31+0.07 with the submillimeter arrayChen, HR; Su, YN; Liu, SY; Hunter, TR; Wilner, DJ; Zhang, Q; Lim, J; Ho, PTP; Ohashi, N; Hirano, N2007103
Improved performance of OLEDs with ITO surface treatmentsLi, CN; Kwong, CY; Djurišić, AB; Lai, PT; Chui, PC; Chan, WK; Liu, SY2005245
Indium tin oxide surface treatments for improvement of organic light-emitting diode performanceLi, CN; Djurišić, AB; Kwong, CY; Lai, PT; Chan, WK; Liu, SY2005184
Mapping the outflow from G5.89-0.39 in SiO J = 5 → 4Sollins, PK; Hunter, TR; Battat, J; Beuther, H; Ho, PTP; Lim, J; Liu, SY; Ohashi, N; Sridharan, TK; Su, YN; Zhao, JH; Zhang, Q200482
Submillimeter array 12CO (J = 3-2) interferometric observations of the central region of M51Matsushita, S; Sakamoto, K; Kuo, CY; Hsieh, PY; Trung, DV; Mao, RQ; Iono, D; Peck, AB; Wiedner, MC; Liu, SY; Ohashi, N; Lim, J200459
Submillimeter Array multiline observations of the massive star-forming region IRAS 18089-1732Beuther, H; Zhang, Q; Hunter, TR; Sridharan, TK; Zhao, JH; Sollins, P; Ho, PTP; Liu, SY; Ohashi, N; Su, YN; Lim, J200464
Search for calibrators for the submillimeter array. I. High-mass star-forming regionsSu, YN; Liu, SY; Lim, J; Ohashi, N; Beuther, H; Zhang, Q; Sollins, P; Hunter, T; Sridharan, TK; Zhao, JH; Ho, PTP200462
Submillimeter array outflow/disk studies in the massive star-forming region iras 18089-1732Beuther, H; Hunter, TR; Zhang, Q; Sridharan, TK; Zhao, JH; Sollins, P; Ho, PTP; Ohashi, N; Su, YN; Lim, J; Liu, SY200463
Arsenic trioxide in comparison with chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation for the treatment of relapsed acute promyelocytic leukaemiaAu, WY; Lie, AKW; Chim, CS; Liang, R; Ma, SK; Chan, CH; Mak, YK; Chen, YT; So, CC; Yeung, YM; Yip, SF; Wong, LG; Chan, JC; Liu, SY; Kwong, YL2003120
A new organic material for white OLEDGuo, WL; Li, EH; Che, CM; Li, CN; Liu, SY2001110
Novel material blue organic light emitting diodeGuo, Weiling; Li, EHerbert; Che, ChiMing; Zhao, Yi; Liu, SY200065
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