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Hyperimmune Intravenous Immunoglobulin Treatment: A Multicentre Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial for Patients with Severe A(H1N1)pdm09 InfectionHung, IFN; To, KKW; Lee, CK; Lee, KL; Yan, WW; Chan, K; Ngai, CW; Law, KI; Chow, FL; Liu, R201344
Numerical simulation of a continuum model for bi-directional pedestrian flowJiang, Y; Wong, SC; Zhang, P; Liu, R; Duan, Y; Choi, K2012141
Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells suppress B-cell proliferation and differentiationChe, N; Li, X; Zhou, S; Liu, R; Shi, D; Lu, L; Sun, L201271
Utility of the trnH–psbA Intergenic Spacer Region and Its Combinations as Plant DNA Barcodes: A Meta-AnalysisPang, X; Liu, C; Shi, L; Liu, R; Liang, D; Li, H; Cherny, SS; Chen, S201266
Convalescent plasma treatment reduced mortality in patients with severe pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 virus infectionHung, IFN; To, KKW; Lee, CK; Lee, KL; Chan, K; Yan, WW; Liu, R; Watt, CL; Chan, WM; Lai, KY; Koo, CK; Buckley, T; Chow, FL; Wong, KK; Chan, HS; Ching, CK; Tang, BSF; Lau, CCY; Li, IWS; Liu, SH; Chan, KH; Lin, CK; Yuen, KY2011615
A dynamic traffic assignment model for a continuum transportation systemJiang, Y; Wong, SC; Ho, HW; Zhang, P; Liu, R; Sumalee, A2011118
Replication study of SNP associations for colorectal cancer in Hong Kong ChineseHo, JW; Choi, SC; Lee, YF; Hui, TC; Cherny, SS; GarciaBarceló, MM; CarvajalCarmona, L; Liu, R; To, SH; Yau, TK; Chung, CC; Yau, CC; Hui, SM; Lau, PY; Yuen, CH; Wong, YW; Ho, S; Fung, SS; Tomlinson, IP; Houlston, RS; Cheng, KK; Sham, PC2011276
Impact of neoadjuvant treatment on total mesorectal excision for ultra-low rectal cancersLim, YK; Law, WL; Liu, R; Poon, JTC; Fan, JFM; Lo, OSH2010165
Dynamic continuum modeling approach to urban traffic equilibrium problemsJiang, Y; Wong, SC; Ho, HW; Zhang, P; Liu, R; Sumalee, A2010147
Delayed clearance of viral load and marked cytokine activation in severe cases of pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza virus infectionTo, KKW; Hung, IFN; Li, IWS; Lee, KL; Koo, CK; Yan, WW; Liu, R; Ho, KY; Chu, KH; Watt, CL; Luk, WK; Lai, KY; Chow, FL; Mok, T; Buckley, T; Chan, JFW; Wong, SSY; Zheng, B; Chen, H; Lau, CCY; Tse, H; Cheng, VCC; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY2010728
Elevated plasma adiponectin levels in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseChan, KH; Yeung, SC; Yao, TJ; Ip, MSM; Cheung, AHK; ChanYeung, MMW; Mak, JCW; Lam, WK; Yew, WW; Wong, PC; Chau, CH; Liu, R; Lam, CW; So, L; Yee, W; Chan, KK; Chan, KS; Chan, JWM; Chu, CM; Ho, ASS; Sit, KM; Choo, K; Lam, WK; Ko, FWS; Yu, WC; Wong, M2010709
Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI of primary rectal cancer at 3T: correlation with positron emission tomographyGu, J; Khong, PL; Wang, S; Chan, Q; Law, WL; Liu, R; Zhang, J201083
Correlation of ADC on DWI and SUV max on PET/CT in primary rectal cancer - a preliminary experienceZhang, J; Liu, R; Law, WL; Phong, KL200994
Solid tumors subsequent to arsenic trioxide treatment for acute promyelocytic leukemiaAu, WY; Kumana, CR; Lam, CW; Cheng, VCC; Shek, TW; Chan, EYT; Liu, R; Kwong, YL2007119
LA-ICPMS U-Pb zircon dating for felsic granulite, Huangtuling Area, North Dabieshan: Constraints on timing of its protolith and granulite-facies metamorphism, and thermal events in its provenanceChen, NS; Liu, R; Sun, M; Li, HM; He, L; Wang, QY; Zhang, HF2006135
How High Are the P-T Conditions for Paleoproterozoic Metamorphism of the Huangtuling Felsic Granulite, North Dabieshan, Central China?Chen, N; Gong, S; Sun, M; Yang, Y; Liu, R200688
A novel sham moxibustion device: A randomized, placebo-controlled trialZhao, B; Wang, X; Lin, Z; Liu, R; Lao, L200626
LA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon dating for felsic granulite, Huangtuling area, North Dabieshan: Constraints on timing of its protolith and granulite-facies metamorphism, and thermal events in its provenanceChen, N; Liu, R; Sun, M; Li, H; He, L; Wang, Q; Zhang, H200589
Nanodot-cavity electrodynamics and photon entanglementYao, W; Liu, R; Sham, LJ200459
Increasing severity of cardiovascular risk factors with increasing middle cerebral artery stenotic involvement in type 2 diabetic Chinese patients with asymptomatic cerebrovascular diseaseThomas, GN; Lin, JW; Lam, WWM; Tomlinson, B; Yeung, V; Chan, JCN; Liu, R; Wong, KS2004249
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