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Influenza Virus-Induced Lung Inflammation Was Modulated by Cigarette Smoke Exposure in MiceHan, Y; Ling, MT; Mao, H; Zheng, J; Liu, M; Lam, KT; Liu, Y; Tu, W; Lau, YL201431
Solid phase microextraction fills the gap in tissue sampling protocolsBojko, B; Gorynski, K; Gomez-Rios, GA; Knaak, JM; Machuca, T; Spetzler, VN; Cudjoe, E; Hsin, M; Cypel, M; Selzner, M; Liu, M; Keshavjee, S; Pawliszyn, J201347
Recoding RNA editing of AZIN1 predisposes to hepatocellular carcinomaChen, L; Li, Y; Lin, C; Chan, HM; Chow, KK; Song, Y; Liu, M; Yuan, YF; Fu, L; Kong, KL; Qi, L; Li, Y; Zhang, N; Tong, AHY; Kwong, DLW; Man, K; Lo, CM; Lok, S; Tenen, DG; Guan, X2013109
SPOCK1 is regulated by CHD1L and blocks apoptosis and promotes HCC cell invasiveness and metastasis in miceLi, Y; Chen, L; Chan, HM; Liu, M; Kong, KL; Qiu, JL; Yuan, YF; Guan, X201315
Fishing groupers towards extinction: A global assessment of threats and extinction risks in a billion dollar fisherySadovy de Mitcheson, Y; Craig, MT; Bertoncini, AA; Carpenter, KE; Cheung, WWL; Choat, JH; Cornish, AS; Fennessy, ST; Ferreira, BP; Heemstra, PC; Liu, M; Myers, RF; Pollard, DA; Rhodes, KL; Rocha, LA; Russell, BC; Samoilys, MA; Sanciangco, J2013132
A time-resolved spectroscopy and density functional theory study of the solvent dependent photochemistry of fenofibric acidLi, MD; Ma, J; Su, T; Liu, M; Phillips, DL201347
Human CD8+ Regulatory T Cells Inhibit GVHD and Preserve General Immunity in Humanized MiceZheng, J; Liu, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, M; Xiang, Z; Lam, KT; Lewis, DB; Lau, YL; Tu, W201345
Characterization of CACNA2D3 as a putative tumor suppressor gene in the development and progression of nasopharyngeal carcinomaWong, AMG; Kong, KL; Chen, L; Liu, M; Wong, AMG; Zhu, C; Tsang, JWH; Guan, X201332
Serum and glucocorticoid kinase 3 at 8q13.1 promotes cell proliferation and survival in hepatocellular carcinomaLiu, M; Chen, L; Chan, THM; Wang, J; Li, Y; Li, Y; Zeng, TT; Yuan, YF; Guan, XY2012177
SCYL1 binding protein 1 promotes the ubiquitin-dependent degradation of Pirh2 and has tumor suppressive function in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma.Hu, L; Liu, M; Chen, L; Wang, J; Huo, KK; Zheng, B; Xie, D; Guan, X201229
Direct observation of triplet state mediated decarboxylation of the neutral and anion forms of ketoprofen in water-rich, acidic, and PBS solutionsLi, MD; Ma, J; Su, T; Liu, M; Yu, L; Phillips, DL2012126
KIF5B contributes to cell polarization during epithelial morphogenesisLiu, M; Huang, J201262
Effect Of The Cyclic Stretch On The Expression Of Osteogenesis Genes In Human Periodontal Ligament CellsLiu, M; Dai, J; Lin, Y; Yang, L; Dong, H; Li, Y; Ding, Y; Duan, Y2012134
Improving Photo Composition Elegantly:Considering Image Similarity During Composition OptimizationGuo, YW; Liu, M; Gu, TT; Wang, WP2012102
PDSS2 requirements for cerebellar development and functionsLu, S; Lu, LY; Liu, M; Yuan, QJ; Sham, MH; Guan, X; Huang, J201235
Mannose-binding lectin contributes to deleterious inflammatory response in pandemic H1N1 and avian H9N2 infectionLing, MT; Tu, W; Han, Y; Mao, H; Chong, WP; Guan, J; Liu, M; Lam, KT; Law, HKW; Peiris, JSM; Takahashi, K; Lau, YL2012201
Translationally controlled tumor protein induces mitotic defects and chromosome missegregation in hepatocellular carcinoma developmentChan, THM; Chen, L; Liu, M; Hu, L; Zheng, BJ; Poon, VKM; Huang, P; Yuan, YF; Huang, JD; Yang, J; Tsao, GSW; Guan, XY2012167
Femtosecond transient absorption, nanosecond time-resolved resonance Raman, and density functional theory study of fenofibric acid in acetonitrile and isopropyl alcohol solventsLi, MD; Li, W; Ma, J; Su, T; Liu, M; Du, Y; Phillips, DL2011174
The expression of Id2 and its potential roles in the regulation of neural stem/progenitor cells in the subventricular zone of adult mouse brainYip, HKF; Liu, M2011105
Palladium-catalyzed decarboxylative coupling of isatoic anhydrides with arylboronic acidsLu, W; Chen, J; Liu, M; Ding, J; Gao, W; Wu, H201161
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