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Berberine ameliorates β-amyloid pathology, gliosis, and cognitive impairment in an Alzheimer's disease transgenic mouse modelDurairajan, SSK; Liu, LF; Lu, JH; Chen, LL; Yuan, Q; Chung, SK; Huang, L; Li, XS; Huang, JD; Li, M2012169
Stimulation of non-amyloidogenic processing of amyloid-β protein precursor by cryptotanshinone involves activation and translocation of ADAM10 and PKC-αDurairajan, SSK; Liu, LF; Lu, JH; Koo, I; Maruyama, K; Chung, SK; Huang, JD; Li, M2011209
Baicalein inhibits formation of α-synuclein oligomers within living cells and prevents Aβ peptide fibrillation and oligomerisationLu, JH; Ardah, MT; Durairajan, SSK; Liu, LF; Xie, LX; Fong, WFD; Hasan, MY; Huang, JD; ElAgnaf, OMA; Li, M2011137
Electrical transport and magnetic properties of perovskite-type electron-doped La-Pr-Mn-O epitaxial filmsDuan, P; Chen, ZH; Dai, S; Liu, LF; Gao, J2006120
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