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Fracture analysis of bounded magnetoelectroelastic layers with interfacial cracks under magnetoelectromechanical loads: Plane problemFeng, WJ; Su, RKL; Liu, JX; Li, YS2010287
Influence of dipole defects on polarization switching in the vicinity of a crack in relaxor ferroelectricsZhao, XF; Soh, AK; Li, L; Liu, JX201078
Immediate postconditioning during reperfusion attenuates intestinal injuryLiu, KX; Li, YS; Huang, WQ; Chen, SQ; Wang, ZX; Liu, JX; Xia, Z2009294
Thickness-edge modes in a semi-infinite magneto-electro-elastic plateLiu, JX; Zhao, XF; Soh, AK; Wang, BL2009620
Developmental expression of NMDA and AMPA receptor subunits in vestibular nuclear neurons that encode gravity-related horizontal orientationsTse, YC; Lai, CH; Lai, SK; Liu, JX; Yung, KKL; Shum, DKY; Chan, YS2008182
MRI detection of the migrating neuronal precursors in normal and hypoxic-ischemic neonatal rat brain by in vivo cell label with MPIOYang, J; Liu, JX; Niu, G; Liu, Y; Wu, EX2008100
Griffith crack propagating in anisotropic magneto-electro-elastic solidsLiu, JX; Zhao, X; Soh, AK2008223
Shear horizontal waves in a piezoelectric-piezomagnetic tri-materialLiu, JX; Zhao, XF; Soh, AK2007184
Interfacial shear horizontal waves in a piezoelectric-piezomagnetic bi-materialSoh, AK; Liu, JX2006131
On the constitutive equations of magnetoelectroelastic solidsSoh, AK; Liu, JX2005148
A moving dislocation in a magneto-electro-elastic solidLiu, JX; Soh, AK; Fang, DN200595
Moving dislocations in general anisotropic piezoelectric solidsSoh, AK; Liu, JX; Lee, KWL; Fang, DN2005131
Interfacial debonding of a circular inhomogeneity in piezoelectric-piezomagnetic composites under anti-plane mechanical and in-plane electromagnetic loadingSoh, AK; Liu, JX2005101
The behavior of a screw dislocation in a two-phase piezoelectric stripLiu, JX; Wang, XQ; Soh, AK2004214
Fracture behavior of inclined elliptical cavities subjected to mixed-mode I and II electro-mechanical loadingLee, KL; Soh, AK; Fang, DN; Liu, JX200493
Behavior of a moving Griffith crack in piezoelectric ceramicsSoh, AK; Lee, KL; Liu, JX; Fang, DN2004203
Interaction of a screw dislocation with an interfacial crack in two dissimilar piezoelectric layersLiu, JX; Liu, A; Jiang, ZQ; Soh, AK2004118
Mode III interfacial edge crack in a magnetoelectroelastic bimaterialSoh, AK; Liu, JX2004109
Thermal fracture analysis of a functionally graded orthotropic strip with a crackChen, J; Soh, AK; Liu, JX; Liu, ZX200483
Three-dimensional Green's functions for transversely isotropic magnetoelectroelastic solidsSoh, AK; Liu, JX; Hoon, KH2003226
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