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Transmission studies resume for avian fluFouchier, RAM; García-Sastre, A; Kawaoka, Y; Barclay, WS; Bouvier, NM; Brown, IH; Capua, I; Chen, HL; Compans, RW; Couch, RB; Cox, NJ; Doherty, PC; Donis, RO; Feldmann, H; Guan, Y; Katz, JM; Kiselev, OI; Klenk, HD; Kobinger, G; Liu, JH; Liu, XF; Lowen, A; Mettenleiter, TC; Osterhaus, AD; Palese, P; Peiris, JSM; Perez, DR; Richt, JA; Schultz-Cherry, S; Steel, J; Subbarao, K; Swayne, DE; Takimoto, T; Tashiro, M; Taubenberger, JK; Thomas, PG; Tripp, RA; Tumpey, TM; Webby, RJ; Webster, RG201332
A >1300km late Pan-African metamorphic belt in NE China: New evidence from the Xing'an block and its tectonic implicationsZhou, JB; Wilde, SA; Zhang, XZ; Zhao, GC; Liu, FL; Qiao, DW; Ren, SM; Liu, JH2011130
A conserved hydrophobic patch on Vβ domains revealed by TCRβ chain crystal structures: implications for pre-TCR dimerizationZhou, B; Chen, Q; Mallis, RJ; Zhang, H; Liu, JH; Reinherz, EL; Wang, JH2011166
The influence of deformation on dechromization corrosion of CuCr alloy in H 3PO 4 solutionsLiu, YW; Lu, W; Song, JZ; Liu, JH; Zhang, RJ201163
Expression and amplification of eIF-5A2 in human epithelial ovarian tumors and overexpression of EIF-5A2 is a new independent predictor of outcome in patients with ovarian carcinomaYang, GF; Xie, D; Liu, JH; Luo, JH; Li, LJ; Hua, WF; Wu, HM; Kung, HF; Zeng, YX; Guan, XY2009321
Structural basis of activation-dependent binding of ligand-mimetic antibody AL-57 to integrin LFA-1Zhang, H; Liu, JH; Yang, W; Springer, T; Shimaoka, M; Wang, JH2009168
Crystal structure of isoflurane bound to integrin LFA-1 supports a unified mechanism of volatile anesthetic action in the immune and central nervous systemsZhang, H; Astrof, NS; Liu, JH; Wang, JH; Shimaoka, M2009209
Structure of the influenza virus A H5N1 nucleoprotein: Implications for RNA binding, oligomerization, and vaccine designNg, AKL; Zhang, H; Tan, K; Li, Z; Liu, JH; Chan, PKS; Li, SM; Chan, WY; Au, SWN; Joachimiak, A; Walz, T; Wang, JH; Shaw, PC200890
Development of a bioindicator system for monitoring marine pollution in Hong KongKueh, CSW; Leung, KMY; Liu, JH; Shin, PKS; Wu, RSS2003162
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