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The Clinical Research Progress of Treating Encephalopathy in Children with Chinese MassageLiu, JB; Li, L201322
The clinical research progress of treating encephalopathy in children with Chinese massageLiu, JB; Li, L201323
Multistage metamorphism of orogenic garnet-lherzolite from Zhimafang, Sulu UHP terrane, E. China: Implications for mantle wedge convection during progressive oceanic and continental subductionYe, K; Song, YR; Chen, Y; Xu, HJ; Liu, JB; Sun, M2009114
Quantitative P-T-X constraints on orthopyroxene-bearing high-pressure granulites in felsic-metapelitic rocks: Evidence from the Huangtuling granulite, Dabieshan OrogenChen, Y; Ye, K; Liu, JB; Sun, M2008250
Multistage metamorphism of the Huangtuling granulite, Northern Dabie Orogen, eastern China: Implications for the tectonometamorphic evolution of subducted lower continental crustChen, Y; Ye, K; Liu, JB; Sun, M2006133
Application of Raman Spectroscopy to Distinguish Metamorphic and Igneous ZirconsXian, WS; Sun, M; Malpas, J; Zhao, GC; Zhou, MF; Ye, K; Liu, JB; Phillips, DL2004244
New insights into the evolution of the Yarlung Tsangpo suture zone, Xizang (Tibet), ChinaAitchison, JC; Abrajevitch, A; Ali, JR; Badengzhu; Davis, AM; Luo, H; Liu, JB; McDermid, IRC; Ziabrev, S2002170
Differential north to south gastric cancer-duodenal ulcer gradient in ChinaWong, BCY; Ching, CK; Lam, SK; Li, ZL; Chen, BW; Li, YN; Liu, HJ; Liu, JB; Wang, BE; Yuan, SZ; Xu, CP; Hou, XH; Zhang, AT; Zheng, ZT199882
An economical fabrication technique for SIMOX using plasma immersion ion implantationMin, J; Chu, PK; Cheng, YC; Liu, JB; Iyer, SSK; Cheung, NW1995350
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