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Safety of intra-operative vasopressor in free jejunal flap reconstructionChan, YW; Chow, VLY; Liu, HL201329
Early prediction of anastomotic leakage after free jejunal flap reconstruction of circumferential pharyngeal defectsChan, YW; Liu, HL; Wei, WI201326
Free-flap harvesting from paralytic limbs of poliomyelitis patients: a safe and feasible optionChan, RCL; Liu, HL; Chan, YW2012118
A case of complication after a degloving operation of melanoma of the penis - repairing urethrocutaneous fistula with a pedicled gracilis flapLiu, HL; Chan, JYW2012136
Extracranial head and neck schwannomas: A study of the nerve of originLiu, HL; Yu, SY; Li, GKH; Wei, WI2011185
The changing role of pectoralis major flap in head and neck reconstructionLiu, HL; Chan, JYW; Wei, WI2010295
Are errors differentiable from deceptive responses when feigning memory impairment? An fMRI studyLee, TMC; Au, RKC; Liu, HL; Ting, KH; Huang, CM; Chan, CCH2009215
Deguelin regulates cell cycle and nuclear pore complex protein Nup98 and Nup88 in U937 cells in vitroChen, Y; Liu, HL; Cui, GH; Wu, QL; He, J; Chen, WH2007106
Cortical reorganization for response regulation with unilateral thalmamic stroke detected by function MRIYuen, KSL; Lee, TMC; Wai, YY; Liu, HL; Mok, ENH; Li, LSW; Chan, CCH200770
Cortical reorganization for response regulation with unilateral thalamic stroke detected by functional MRIYuen, KSL; Lee, TMC; Wai, YY; Liu, HL; Mok, ENH; Li, LSW; Chan, CCH200760
Gender differences in neural activity associated with recognition of happy and sad faces by human subjects: An functional magnetic resonance imaging studyChan, CCH; Liu, HL; Wan, YL; Wai, YY; Lee, TMC200672
Effects of curcumin on the acetylation of histone H3, P53 and the proliferation of NB4 cellsLi, XG; Chen, Y; Wu, Q; Liu, HL2005110
Premenstrual Syndrome among Chinese female undergradutes: Relationship with stress and general mental healthLee, AM; Wei, R; Chung, KF; Hui, KT; Ip, SK; Leung, HL; Liu, HL; Lui, SY; Ng, YH; Wong, MF; Wong, TC2005116
The cerebellum's involvement in the judgment of spatial orientation: A functional magnetic resonance imaging studyLee, TMC; Liu, HL; Hung, KN; Pu, J; Ng, YB; Mak, AKY; Gao, JH; Chan, CCH2005157
A fMRI Study of Correlation Between Acupoints and Brain Cortical Sites Involved in Language Functions.Li, G; Liu, HL; Cheung, RTF; Yang, ES200567
Neural correlates of feigned memory impairmentLee, TMC; Liu, HL; Chan, CCH; Ng, YB; Fox, PT; Gao, JH2005103
Neural activities associated with emotion recognition observed in men and womenLee, TMC; Liu, HL; Chan, CCH; Fang, SY; Gao, JH200583
Semantic processing in bilinguals: A cross-modaility study.Wong, SWH; Spinks, JA; Liu, HL; Chen, JC; Tan, LH2004118
Correlation between temporal response of fMRI and fast reaction time in a language taskLiu, HL; Liao, WT; Fang, SY; Chu, TC; Tan, LH200443
Semantic processing in bilinguals: A cross-modality study. Presentation at the 10th International Conference of Human Brain Mapping, BudapestSavio, W; Spinks, JA; Liu, HL; Chen, J; Tan, LH200471
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