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Electrical tuning of valley magnetic moment through symmetry control in bilayer MoS2Wu, SF; Ross, JS; Liu, G; Aivazian, G; Jones, A; Fei, ZY; Zhu, WG; Xiao, D; Yao, W; Cobden, D; Xu, XD201353
Optical signature of symmetry variations and spin-valley coupling in atomically thin tungsten dichalcogenidesZeng, H; Liu, G; Dai, J; Yan, YJ; Zhu, B; He, R; Xie, L; Xu, S; Yao, W; Cui, X; Chen, XH201361
Three-band tight-binding model for monolayers of group-VIB transition metal dichalcogenidesLiu, G; Shan, W; Yao, YG; Yao, W; Xiao, D201320
Fluorine-containing pH-responsive core/shell microgel particles: Preparation, characterization, and their applications in controlled drug releaseLiu, G; Li, X; Xiong, S; Li, L; Chu, PK; Yeung, KWK; Wu, S; Xu, Z2012168
Novel anionic fluorine-containing amphiphilic self-assembly polymer micelles for potential application in protein drug carrierLiu, G; Fan, W; Li, L; Chu, PK; Yeung, KWK; Wu, S; Xu, Z2012171
F18, a novel small-molecule nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, inhibits HIV-1 replication using distinct binding motifs as demonstrated by resistance selection and docking analysisLu, X; Liu, L; Zhang, X; Lau, TCK; Tsui, SKW; Kang, Y; Zheng, P; Zheng, B; Liu, G; Chen, Z2012133
Novel valley and spin physics in monolayer MoS2Xiao, D; Liu, G; Zhu, W; Xu, X; Yao, W2012106
Preparation of Fe 3O 4/poly(styrene-butyl acrylate-[2-(methacryloxy)ethyl]trimethylammonium chloride) by emulsifier-free emulsion polymerization and its interaction with DNALi, X; Liu, G; Yan, W; Chu, PK; Yeung, KWK; Wu, S; Yi, C; Xu, Z2012151
SOAPdenovo2: an empirically improved memory-efficient short-read de novo assemblerLuo, R; Liu, B; Xie, Y; Li, Z; Huang, W; Yuan, J; He, G; Chen, Y; Pan, Q; Liu, Y; Tang, J; Wu, G; Zhang, H; Shi, Y; Liu, Y; Yu, C; Wang, B; Lu, Y; Han, C; Cheung, DWL; Yiu, SM; Peng, S; Zhu, X; Liu, G; Liao, X; Li, Y; Yang, H; Wang, J; Lam, TW; Wang, J201247
小儿腹腔镜技术短期强化培训模式的初探Liu, X; Li, L; Wong, KKY; Huang, LM; Liu, G; Zhang, J; Jia, G201159
Heterotrophs grown on the soluble microbial products (SMP) released by autotrophs are responsible for the nitrogen loss in nitrifying granular sludgeNi, BJ; Xie, WM; Chen, YP; Fang, F; Liu, SY; Ren, TT; Sheng, GP; Yu, HQ; Liu, G; Tian, YC2011118
Evaluation of cell tracking effects for transplanted mesenchymal stem cells with jetPEI/Gd-DTPA complexes in animal models of hemorrhagic spinal cord injuryLiu, Y; He, ZJ; Xu, B; Wu, QZ; Liu, G; Zhu, H; Zhong, Q; Deng, DY; Ai, H; Yue, Q; Wei, Y; Jun, S; Zhou, G; Gong, QY2011106
Highly suppressing wild-type HIV-1 and Y181C mutant HIV-1 strains by 10-chloromethyl-11-demethyl-12-oxo-calanolide A with druggable profileXue, H; Lu, X; Zheng, P; Liu, L; Han, C; Hu, J; Liu, Z; Ma, T; Li, Y; Wang, L; Chen, Z; Liu, G2010137
Functional magnetic resonance imaging activation of the brain in children: Real acupoint versus sham acupointWu, Y; Jin, Z; Li, K; Lu, ZL; Wong, V; Han, TL; Zheng, H; Caspi, O; Liu, G; Zeng, YW; Zou, LP2010142
Fluorescent polystyrene-Fe3O4 composite nanospheres for in vivo imaging and hyperthermiaShi, D; Cho, HS; Chen, Y; Xu, H; Gu, H; Lian, J; Wang, W; Liu, G; Huth, C; Wang, L; Ewing, RC; Budko, S; Pauletti, GM; Dong, Z2009172
Conserved amino acids W423 and N424 in receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV are potential targets for therapeutic monoclonal antibodyBian, C; Zhang, X; Cai, X; Zhang, L; Chen, Z; Zha, Y; Xu, Y; Xu, K; Lu, W; Yan, L; Yuan, J; Feng, J; Hao, P; Wang, Q; Zhao, G; Liu, G; Zhu, X; Shen, H; Zheng, B; Shen, B; Sun, B20093,431
Human paraoxonase gene cluster transgenic overexpression represses atherogenesis and promotes atherosclerotic plaque stability in ApoE-Null MiceShe, ZG; Zheng, W; Wei, YS; Chen, HZ; Wang, AB; Li, HL; Liu, G; Zhang, R; Liu, JJ; Stallcup, WB; Zhou, Z; Liu, DP; Liang, CC2009165
Hybrid-trefftz finite element models for plane helmholtz problemsSze, KY; Liu, G2008193
Chemical library and structure-activity relationships of 11-demethyl-12-oxo calanolide A analogues as anti-HIV-1 agentsMa, T; Liu, L; Xue, H; Li, L; Han, C; Wang, L; Chen, Z; Liu, G200876
Effect of acupuncture on the brain in children with spastic cerebral palsy using functional neuroimaging (fMRI)Wu, Y; Jin, Z; Li, K; Lu, ZL; Wong, V; Han, TL; Zheng, H; Caspi, O; Liu, G; Zeng, YW; Zou, LP2008141
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