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A hybrid aluminum/hydrogen/air cell systemWANG, L; WANG, W; YANG, G; Liu, D; Xun, J; Wang, H; Leung, KH; Liu, F201370
A new modified laser pretreatment for porcelain zirconia bondingLiu, D; Matinlinna, JP; Tsoi, KH; Pow, EHN; Miyazaki, T; Shibata, Y; Kan, CW201358
Comparison of three coating methods for resin zirconia bondingLiu, D; Matinlinna, JP; Pow, EHN; Tsoi, JKH201311
Insights into porcelain to zirconia bondingLiu, D; Matinlinna, JP; Pow, EHN2012162
Mast cells activation contribute to small intestinal ischemia reperfusion induced acute lung injury in ratsHuang, P; Liu, D; Gan, X; Zhang, R; Gao, W; Xia, Z; Hei, Z2012106
A noval porcelain zirconia bonding approach using laserLiu, D; Matinlinna, JP; Pow, EHN; Tsoi, KH; Miyazaki, T; Shibata, Y201239
Expansion of higher education and the employment crisis: policy innovations in ChinaWang, D; Liu, D; Lai, C2012215
A modified laser pretreatment of zirconia for bonding with porcelainLiu, D; Matinlinna, JP; Pow, EHN; Tsoi, JKH; Miyazaki, T; Shibata, Y201297
Genetic characterization and evolutionary analysis of 4 Newcastle disease virus isolate full genomes from waterbirds in South China during 2003-2007Cai, S; Li, J; Wong, MT; Jiao, P; Fan, H; Liu, D; Liao, M; Jiang, J; Shi, M; Lam, TTY; Ren, T; Leung, FCC2011195
Detrital and xenocrystic zircon ages from Neoproterozoic to Palaeozoic arc terranes of Mongolia: Significance for the origin of crustal fragments in the Central Asian Orogenic BeltRojasAgramonte, Y; Kröner, A; Demoux, A; Xia, X; Wang, W; Donskaya, T; Liu, D; Sun, M2011400
MT1-MMP cleaves Dll1 to negatively regulate Notch signalling to maintain normal B-cell developmentJin, G; Zhang, F; Chan, KM; Xavier Wong, HL; Liu, B; Cheah, KSE; Liu, X; Mauch, C; Liu, D; Zhou, Z2011311
Estimation of the number of people in a demonstrationYip, PSF; Watson, R; Chan, K S; Lau, EHY; Chen, F; Xu, Y; Xi, L; Cheung, DYT; Ip, BYT; Liu, D2010143
A cascade of irx1a and irx2a controls shh expression during retinogenesisChoy, SW; Cheng, CW; Lee, ST; Li, VWT; Hui, MNY; Hui, CC; Liu, D; Cheng, SH2010105
Enhancement of RAD51 recombinase activity by the tumor suppressor PALB2.Dray, E; Etchin, J; wiese, C; Saro, D; Williams, GJ; Hammel, M; Yu, X; Galkin, VE; Liu, D; Tsai, MS; Sy, SMH; Schild, D; Egelman, E; Chen, J; Sung, P2010114
Study on underwater wet arc welding training with haptic deviceWang, Y; Chen, Y; Zhang, W; Liu, D; Huang, H200984
SHRIMP zircon U-Pb age constraints on Neoproterozoic Quruqtagh diamictites in NW ChinaXu, B; Xiao, S; Zou, H; Chen, Y; Li, Z-X; Song, B; Liu, D; Zhou, C; Yuan, X2009246
Transport and magnetic properties of disordered LixVyO2 (x=0.8 and y=0.8)Du, F; Li, A; Liu, D; Zhan, S; Hu, F; Wang, C; Chen, Y; Feng, S; Chen, G2009132
Accessibility analysis for CMM inspection planning by means of haptic device and STL representationWang, Y; Chen, Y; Zhang, W; Liu, D; Zhang, R200987
OPCML is a broad tumor suppressor for multiple carcinomas and lymphomas with frequently epigenetic inactivationCui, Y; Ying, Y; Van Hasselt, A; Ng, KM; Yu, J; Zhang, Q; Jin, J; Liu, D; Rhim, JS; Rha, SY; Loyo, M; Chan, ATC; Srivastava, G; Tsao, GSW; Sellar, GC; Sung, JJY; Sidransky, D; Tao, Q2008164
Depression in college: depressive symptoms and personality factors in Beijing and Hong Kong college freshmenSong, Y; Huang, Y; Liu, D; Kwan, JohnnySH; Zhang, F; Sham, PC; Tang, SW2008273
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