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Apparatus for Noise Current Reduction in Power ConvertersLiu, CP; Poon, NK; Pong, MH2010190
Effective switching mode power supplies common mode noise cancellation technique with zero equipotential transformer modelsChan, YP; Pong, MH; Poon, NK; Liu, CP2010252
Residential Assessment Instrument 2.0 in care planning for residents in nursing homesChi, I; Law, BVKK; Leung, ACT; Liu, CP; Yeoh, CS; Cheng, YH; Ma, AMK; Kwan, CW; Lai, C2010142
Vertically aligned ZnO nanorod arrays sentisized with gold nanoparticles for schottky barrier photovoltaic cellsChen, ZH; Tang, YB; Liu, CP; Leung, YH; Yuan, GD; Chen, LM; Wang, YQ; Bello, I; Zapien, JA; Zhang, WJ; Lee, CS; Lee, ST200955
High Efficiency Driver For Color Light Emitting Diodes (Led)Pong, MH; Poon, NK; Liu, CP2009185
Minimum Configuration Design for Digital Control of Power ConvertersFung, CW; Liu, CP; Pong, MH200792
A diagrammatic approach to search for minimum sampling frequency and quantization resolution for digital control of power convertersFung, CW; Liu, CP; Pong, MH2007254
Dimmable Ballast With Resistive Input And Low Electromagnetic InterferencePoon, N.K.; Pong, MH; Liu, CP2006209
A low cost and reliable dimmable ballast topology with inherent power regulation and insensitivity to lamp characteristicsLiu, CP; Poon, NK; Pong, MH; Chan, YP; Lu, DDC2005256
Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Case Management Project for the Community-Dwelling Frail Elderly in Hong KongLeung, ACT; Liu, CP; Chow, NWS; Chi, I200457
Cost benefit analysis of case management project for the community dwelling frail elderly in Hong KongLeung, CTA; Liu, CP; Chow, NWS; Chi, I200490
Synthesis of input-rectifierless AC/DC convertersLiu, CP; Tse, CK; Poon, NK; Pong, BMH; Lai, YM2004338
Some Design Issues of The Active Diode - A new type of synchronous rectifierLiu, CP; Poon, NK; Pong, MH2003128
An Overview of Technologies in an AC/DC converterPong, MH; Poon, NK; Liu, CP200397
A low output ripple DC to DC converter topology using voltage overlapping techniqueLiu, CP; Poon, NK; Pong, MH2003132
Essential-coupling-path models for non-contact EMI in switching power converters using lumped circuit elementsPoon, NK; Pong, BMH; Liu, CP; Tse, CK2003374
Current Driven Synchronous Rectifier With Energy Recovery Using Hysterisis DriverPoon, NK; Liu, CP; Pong, MH2003655
A ZVS approach for AC/DC converter with PFCPoon, NK; Liu, CP; Pong, MH2003140
A New VRM with Fast Transient ResponseLaw, YYC; Liu, CP; Poon, NK; Pong, MH200283
Noise Canceling Apparatus For A Power ConverterPoon, NK; Liu, JCP; Liu, CP; Pong, MH2002466
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