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Famotidine Is Inferior to Pantoprazole in Preventing Recurrence of Aspirin-Related Peptic Ulcers or ErosionsNg, F; Wong, S; Lam, K; Chu, W; Chan, P; Ling, Y; Kng, C; Yuen, W; Lau, Y; Kwan, A; Wong, BCY2010117
Proton affinities of methyl esters of N-acetylated amino acidsAddario, V; Guo, Y; Chu, IK; Ling, Y; Ruggerio, G; Rodriquez, CF; Hopkinson, AC; Siu, KWMichael200280
Energy normalization and prediction of MS/MS library for small molecule identificationLing, Y; Rodriquez, CF; Chu, IK; Siu, KWM200282
A multicentre study on distraction osteogenesis of the maxillofacial regionCheung, LK; Rabie, ABM; Wang, X; Ling, Y; Tang, YS; Shen, SG199965
Blood pressure, cholesterol, and stroke in eastern AsiaRodgers, A; MacMahon, S; Yee, T; Clark, T; Zhou, B; Zhang, H; Nakamura, M; Aoki, N; Liu, L; Xie, J; Ling, Y; Wang, SY; Wu, X; Wu, Y; Tamakoshi, A; Li, S; Fang, X; Chen, Z; Xu, Z; Horibe, H; Adachi, H; Koga, Y; Li, Z; Zhang, H; He, Y; Lam, TH; Suzuki, S; Sasaki, R1998283
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