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Bone dimensional variations at implants placed in fresh extraction sockets: A multilevel multivariate analysisTomasi, C; Sanz, M; Cecchinato, D; Pjetursson, B; Ferrus, J; Lang, NP; Lindhe, J2010485
Analysis of the socket bone wall dimensions in the upper maxilla in relation to immediate implant placementHuynhBa, G; Pjetursson, BE; Sanz, M; Cecchinato, D; Ferrus, J; Lindhe, J; Lang, NP2010229
A prospective, randomized-controlled clinical trial to evaluate bone preservation using implants with different geometry placed into extraction sockets in the maxillaSanz, M; Cecchinato, D; Ferrus, J; Pjetursson, EB; Lang, NP; Lindhe, J2010460
Factors influencing ridge alterations following immediate implant placement into extraction socketsFerrus, J; Cecchinato, D; Pjetursson, EB; Lang, NP; Sanz, M; Lindhe, J2010323
Sixth European workshop on periodontology of the European academy of periodontology at the Charterhouse at Ittingen, Thurgau, SwitzerlandLang, NP; Kinane, DF; Lindhe, J; Sanz, M; Tonetti, MS2008105
Spontaneous progression of ligature induced peri-implantitis at implants with different surface roughness: An experimental study in dogsBerglundh, T; Gotfredsen, K; Zitzmann, NU; Lang, NP; Lindhe, J200794
Morphogenesis of the peri-implant mucosa: An experimental study in dogsBerglundh, T; Abrahamsson, I; Welander, M; Lang, NP; Lindhe, J200790
Fifth European Workshop on Periodontology (EWP) of the European Academy of Periodontology (EAP), Charterhouse at Ittingen, Thurgau, SwitzerlandLang, NP; Karring, T; Kinane, DF; Lindhe, J; Sanz, M; Tonetti, MS200564
Advances in the prevention of periodontitis: Group D consensus report of the 5th European workshop in periodontologyLang, NP; Lindhe, J; Van Der Velden, U200567
Early bone formation adjacent to rough and turned endosseous implant surfaces. An experimental study in the dogAbrahamsson, I; Berglundh, T; Linder, E; Lang, NP; Lindhe, J2004107
De novo alveolar bone formation adjacent to endosseous implants: A model study in the dogBerglundh, T; Abrahamsson, I; Lang, NP; Lindhe, J200398
Sture Rickard Nymann 1922-2002.Lang, NP; Lindhe, J; Karring, T; Kornman, KS200247
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