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Sonoporation-induced depolarization of plasma membrane potential: analysis of heterogeneous impactQin, P; Lin, X; HU, Y; Zhong, W; Cai, P; Du, L; Jin, L; Yu, ACH20146
Capacity of P2P On-Demand Streaming with Simple, Robust and Decentralized ControlZhao, C; ZHAO, J; Lin, X; Wu, C201325
Genome-wide association study in a Chinese population identifies a susceptibility locus for type 2 diabetes at 7q32 near PAX4Ma, RCW; Hu, C; Tam, CH; Zhang, R; Kwan, P; Leung, TF; Thomas, GN; Go, MJ; Hara, K; Sim, X; Ho, JSK; Wang, C; Li, H; Lu, L; Wang, Y; Li, JW; Wang, Y; Lam, VKL; Wang, J; Yu, W; Kim, YJ; Ng, DP; Fujita, J; Panoutsopoulou, K; Day-Williams, AG; Lee, HM; Ng, ACW; Fang, YJ; Kong, APS; Jiang, F; Ma, X; Hou, X; Tang, S; Lu, J; Yamauchi, T; Tsui, SKW; Woo, J; Leung, PC; Zhang, X; Tang, NLS; Sy, HY; Liu, J; Wong, TY; Lee, JY; Maeda, S; Xu, G; Cherny, SS; Chan, TF; Ng, MCY; Xiang, K; Morris, AP; DIAGRAM Consortium,; Keildson, S; The MuTHER Consortium,; Hu, R; Li, J; Lin, X; Cho, YS; Kadowaki, T; Tai, ES; Zeggini, E; McCarthy, MI; Hon, KL; Baum, L; Tomlinson, B; So, WY; Bao, Y; Chan, JCN; Jia, W201388
Polysaccharides of Dendrobium officinale inhibit TNF-α-induced apoptosis in A-253 cell lineLin, X; Sze, CW; Ng, TB; Tong, Y; Shaw, PC; Tang, SCW; Zhang, Y201338
Subcellular impact of sonoporation on plant cells: issues to be addressed in ultrasound-mediated gene transferQin, P; Lin, X; Cai, P; Hu, Y; Yu, ACH201360
Entanglement charge of thermal statesYe, MY; Lin, X; Bai, Y; Wang, Z2012121
The impacts of yoga and aerobic exercise on neuro-cognition and brain structure in early psychosis - a preliminary analysis of the randomized controlled clinical trial.Chen, EYH; Lin, X; Lam, MLM; Chan, KW; Chang, WC; Joe, G; Wong, GHY; Chiu, CPY; Khong, PL; Honer, WG; Su, W; Chan, CLW; So, KF; Tse, M201285
Association of genetic variation in FTO with risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes with data from 96,551 East and South AsiansLi, H; Kilpeläinen, TO; Liu, C; Zhu, J; Liu, Y; Hu, C; Yang, Z; Zhang, W; Bao, W; Cha, S; Wu, Y; Yang, T; Sekine, A; Choi, BY; Yajnik, CS; Zhou, D; Takeuchi, F; Yamamoto, K; Chan, JC; Mani, KR; Been, LF; Imamura, M; Nakashima, E; Lee, N; Fujisawa, T; Karasawa, S; Wen, W; Joglekar, CV; Lu, W; Chang, Y; Xiang, Y; Gao, Y; Liu, S; Song, Y; Kwak, SH; Shin, HD; Park, KS; Fall, CHD; Kim, JY; Sham, PC; Lam, KSL; Zheng, W; Shu, X; Deng, H; Ikegami, H; Krishnaveni, GV; Sanghera, DK; Chuang, L; Liu, L; Hu, R; Kim, Y; Daimon, M; Hotta, K; Jia, W; Kooner, JS; Chambers, JC; Chandak, GR; Ma, RC; Maeda, S; Dorajoo, R; Yokota, M; Takayanagi, R; Kato, N; Lin, X; Loos, RJF2012253
Improving successful rate of transcranial electrical motor-evoked potentials monitoring during spinal surgery in young childrenYang, J; Huang, Z; Shu, H; Chen, Y; Sun, X; Liu, W; Dou, Y; Xie, C; Lin, X; Hu, Y2012149
Research on the allelopathic potential of wheatLam, Y; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Tang, SCW; Ho, JCM; Liao, QX; Lin, X; Zhang, Y201227
Protective effects of dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans from Schisandra chinensis against beta-amyloid and homocysteine neurotoxicity in PC12 cellsSong, JX; Lin, X; Wong, RNS; Sze, SCW; Tong, Y; Shaw, PC; Zhang, YB201187
An autoimmunized mouse model recapitulates key features in the pathogenesis of Sjugren's syndromeLin, X; Song, Jx; Shaw, PC; Ng, TB; Sze, SC; Tong, Y; Lee, KF; Zhang, KY2011254
Dendrobium officinale polysaccharides ameliorate the abnormality of aquaporin 5, pro-inflammatory cytokines and inhibit apoptosis in the experimental Sjögren's syndrome miceLin, X; Shaw, PC; Sze, SCW; Tong, Y; Zhang, Y2011121
Prevalence and distribution of developmental enamel defects in children with cerebral palsy in Beijing, ChinaLin, X; Wu, W; Zhang, C; Lo, EC; Chu, CH; Dissanayaka, WL2011165
Polysaccharides of Dendrobium Officinale Inhibit TNF-alpha Induced Apoptosis in A-253 Cell Line (Poster Presentation). Gorden Research Conference: Oxidative Stress & DiseaseLin, X; Zhang, Y2011130
The streaming capacity of sparsely-connected P2P systems with distributed controlZhao, C; Lin, X; Wu, C2011120
Temporally structured metapopulation dynamics and persistence of influenza A H3N2 virus in humansBahl, J; Nelson, MI; Chan, KH; Chen, R; Vijaykrishna, D; Halpin, RA; Stockwell, TB; Lin, X; Wentworth, DE; Ghedin, E; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM; Riley, S; Rambaut, A; Holmes, EC; Smith, GJD2011140
InstantLeap: An architecture for fast neighbor discovery in large-scale P2P VoD streamingQiu, X; Huang, W; Wu, C; Lau, FCM; Lin, X2010192
Chrysotoxine, a novel bibenzyl compound isolated from Dendrobium species, inhibits 6-hydroxydopamine induced apoptosis in SH-SY5Y cells via mitochondria protection and NF-ƙB modulationSze, CW; Lin, X; Song, J; Tong, Y; Choi, YM; Wong, KC; Chung, WY; Zhang, Y2010135
Novel mechanisms: components of dendrobium species that promote aquaporin-5 (AQP-5) expressionSze, CW; Lin, X; Song, J; Tong, Y; Wong, CK; Chung, WY; Choi, YM; Zhang, Y2010103
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