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Consensus recommendations for management of head and neck cancer in Asian countries: A review of international guidelinesD'cruz, A; Lin, T; Anand, AK; Atmakusuma, D; Calaguas, MJ; Chitapanarux, I; Cho, BC; Goh, BC; Guo, Y; Hsieh, WS; Hu, C; Kwong, DLW; Lin, JC; Lou, PJ; Lu, T; Prabhash, K; Sriuranpong, V; Tang, P; Vu, VV; Wahid, I; Ang, KK; Chan, AT201345
The 2008-2009 H1N1 influenza virus exhibits reduced susceptibility to antibody inhibition: implications for the prevalence of oseltamivir resistant variant virusesWu, WL; Lau, SY; Chen, Y; Wang, G; Mok, BWY; Wen, X; Wang, P; Song, W; Lin, T; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY; Chen, HL2012201
The hemagglutinin structure of an avian H1N1 influenza A virusLin, T; Wang, G; Li, A; Zhang, Q; Wu, C; Zhang, R; Cai, Q; Song, W; Yuen, KY2009107
Nuclear factor 90 negatively regulates influenza virus replication by interacting with viral nucleoproteinWang, P; Song, W; Mok, BWY; Zhao, P; Qin, K; Lai, A; Smith, GJD; Zhang, J; Lin, T; Guan, Y; Chen, H20091,621
A scheme to aid construction of left-hand sides of axioms in algebraic specifications for object-oriented program testingHuo, YC; Lin, T; Tse, TH2008295
Antigenic profile of avian H5N1 viruses in Asia from 2002 to 2007Wu, WL; Chen, Y; Wang, P; Song, W; Lau, SY; Rayner, JM; Smith, GJ; Webster, RG; Peiris, JSM; Lin, T; Xia, N; Guan, Y; Chen, H2008104
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