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Protective effects of naringin against paraquat-induced acute lung injury and pulmonary fibrosis in mice.Chen, Y; Nie, YC; Luo, YL; Lin, F; Zheng, YF; Cheng, GH; WU, H; Zhang, KJ; Su, WW; Shen, J; Li, PB201342
性别视野中的中国医疗史新貌Yates, RDS; Chan, WM; Lin, F2012140
From filter to mid-range wireless power transfer systemSun, S; Xu, D; Liu, QS; Lin, F201238
Catalytic properties of Pt cluster-decorated CeO2 nanostructuresLin, F; Hoang, DT; Tsung, CK; Huang, W; Lo, SHY; Wood, JB; Wang, H; Tang, J; Yang, P201169
Synthesis and photophysical studies of chiral helical macrocyclic scaffolds via coordination-driven self-assembly of 1,8,9,16-tetraethynyltetraphenylene. Formation of monometallic platinum(II) and dimetallic platinum(II)-ruthenium(II) complexesLin, F; Peng, HY; Chen, JX; Chik, DTW; Cai, Z; Wong, KMC; Yam, VWW; Wong, HNC2010555
Modifier gene study of meconium ileus in cystic fibrosis: Statistical considerations and gene mapping resultsDorfman, R; Li, W; Sun, L; Lin, F; Wang, Y; Sandford, A; Paré, PD; McKay, K; Kayserova, H; Piskackova, T; MacEk, M; Czerska, K; Sands, D; Tiddens, H; Margarit, S; Repetto, G; Sontag, MK; Accurso, FJ; Blackman, S; Cutting, GR; Tsui, LC; Corey, M; Durie, P; Zielenski, J; Strug, LJ2009137
Recurrent genetic alterations in 26 colorectal carcinomas and 21 adenomas from Chinese patientsHe, QJ; Zeng, WF; Sham, JST; Xie, D; Yang, XW; Lin, HL; Zhan, WH; Lin, F; Zeng, SD; Nie, D; Ma, LF; Li, CJ; Lu, S; Guan, XY2003140
Foreign Investment, Migrant Workers and Their RegulationZhang, XC; Lin, F199780
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