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Dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) gene in Han Chinese children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Increased prevalence of the 2-repeat alleleLeung, PWL; Lee, CC; Hung, SF; Ho, TP; Tang, CP; Kwong, SL; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST; LiehMak, F; Oosterlaan, J; Grady, D; Harxhi, A; Ding, YC; Chi, HC; Flodman, P; Schuck, S; Spence, MA; Moyzis, R; Swanson, J2005144
Functional magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of bilateral brain activation in Chinese speechChua, SE; Cheung, C; McAlonan, GM; Lam, IWS; Cheung, V; Wong, TKW; Chan, EKC; LiehMak, F; Tai, KS; Yip, LKC; McGuire, PK2005102
Brain morphological abnormality in schizophrenia is independent of country of originChua, SE; Lam, IWS; Tai, KS; Cheung, C; Tang, WN; Chen, EYH; Lee, PWH; Chan, FL; LiehMak, F; McKenna, PJ2003119
Asymmetric lateral ventricular enlargement in Chinese with 1st episode schizophrenia [2]Chua, SE; Lam, IWS; Tai, KS; Tang, WN; Chen, EYH; Lee, PWH; Chan, FL; LiehMak, F; Mckenna, PJ200256
No association between T102C polymorphism of serotonin-2A receptor gene and clinical phenotypes of Chinese schizophrenic patientsYuk Lun Chen, R; Sham, P; Yu Hai Chen, E; Li, T; Fuk Chi Cheung, E; Chok King Hui, T; Lan Kwok, C; LiehMak, F; Hua Zhao, J; Collier, D; Murray, R2001119
A method for rapid volumetric analysis of structural magnetic resonance images of the brainChua, SE; Lam, IWS; Tai, KS; Tang, WN; Chen, EYH; Lee, PWH; Chan, FL; LiehMak, F2000146
Verbal fluency in schizophrenia: Reduction in semantic storeChen, RYL; Chen, EYH; Chan, CKY; Lam, LCW; LiehMak, F2000115
Emotional maladjustment, physical malaise and diabetic control in young Chinese patients with diabetesLee, PWH; Lam, KSL; LiehMak, F; Chung, KF; So, T1996189
Situational versus pervasive hyperactivity in a community sampleHo, TP; Luk, ESL; Leung, PWL; Taylor, E; LiehMak, F; BaconShone, J1996361
Coping strategies of schizophrenic patients and their relationship to outcomeLee, PWH; LiehMak, F; Yu, KK; Spinks, JA199353
Language screening in preschool Chinese childrenWong, V; Lee, PWH; LiehMak, F; Yeung, CY; Leung, PWL; Luk, SL; Yiu, E1992122
The structure and prevalence of behavioral problems in Hong Kong preschool childrenLuk, SL; Leung, PWL; BaconShone, J; LiehMak, F199169
Behaviour disorder in pre-school children in Hong Kong. A two-stage epidemiological studyLuk, SL; Leung, PWL; BaconShone, J; Chung, SY; Lee, PWH; Chen, S; Ng, R; LiehMak, F; Ko, L; Wong, VCN; Yeung, CY199187
Patterns of outcome in schizophrenia in Hong KongLee, PWH; LiehMak, F; Yu, KK; Spinks, JA199188
Psychosocial factors influencing outcome in patients with low-back painLee, PWH; Chow, SP; LiehMak, F; Chan, KC; Wong, S198943
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